A Closer Look at Interior Designer Sophie Paterson

You know an interior designer is big when people start recognized his or her decorative style. Today, we want to fill you in about Sophie Paterson.
A Closer Look at Interior Designer Sophie Paterson

Last update: 08 June, 2019

Every week we take a closer look at a different interior design artist. This week, we want to show you another promising designer. With just ten years of experience in the world of interior design, she has already made a name for herself among the best British designers. We’re referring to Sophie Paterson.

In interior design, when a designer becomes a symbol for a certain style, that designer has found success and moves on to be an international name. And Sophie Paterson is just that.

The Sophie Paterson look has evolved from classic contemporary to rustic luxury. It’s a style that has won over plenty of admirers and has a name of its own.

Inspiration from Sophie Paterson

Sophie Paterson inspiration

Ever since opening her interior design studio in 2008, Paterson has experimented with combining contemporary and chic decor. After her studio doors opened, she began to integrate rustic elements into her projects while maintaining a luxurious character in her compositions.

She integrates them successfully by using rustic but transformed decorative accessories. And she doesn’t just throw countryside pieces into a sophisticated decor. Sophie’s rustic details are typically the changes in the color palette.

She often uses big, gray, rustic baskets in her work. Paterson finds a large part of her inspiration in the British countryside, which she portrays masterfully in her sophisticated, urban projects.

Sophie Paterson’s rustic elegance

sophie paterson gray

Paterson’s style demands the perfect balance between rustic elements and bold luxury. With the perfect blend, she creates relaxed, elegant spaces that look fresh and timeless.

Her love for antiques is another secret key that’s made her style hers and only hers. Paterson has voiced a passion for antique collection pieces.

Another key in her style is her extraordinary color combinations as well as the materials and finishes that end up making the backbone of her interior design style. Paterson steers clear of fabrics that are too bright. She also avoids synthetic fabrics that can reduce the natural, rustic feel of a room.

Colors and materials

Sophie Paterson color

The young designer’s star colors are grays, blues, creams, beige, and taupe. She uses them as a base and perfectly combines them with intenser colors, like golds, yellows, greens, reds, and purples. These colors are very natural and never loud.

Paterson’s choice of materials and finishes are very natural. Rustic materials, like wood, gray wicker, leather, linen, wool, and sisal rugs are juxtaposed along with more luxurious finishes such as silks, shiny woods, velvet, and cashmere.

Furniture and accessories

sophie paterson furniture

For her designs, Paterson always chooses classical and antique furniture pieces. Skirted couches with linen covers and rustic-finish counters are very characteristic of her style.

She uses these pieces with very modern elements, such as trendy mirrors, faux leather accessories, elegant pieces of artwork and objects that guarantee a luxurious setting.

Her sharp sense achieves a perfect balance between both worlds. The key to choosing the right rustic elements lies in avoiding anything that’s too orange or yellow. The natural elements, on the other hand, such as sisal and wicker should be gray or brown.

Knowing how much is enough

sophie paterson knowing

The master interior designer advises that knowing when and where rustic luxury can work is important. For example, it’s always a safe choice for kitchens and bathrooms. In big rooms, however, like the living room, the luxury should speak louder than the rustic decor. The same goes for bedrooms.

According to the designer, a luxurious setting comes together with big elements that are combined with other, more discreet ones. Elegant rustic elements help create a more casual, cozy setting.

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