A Closer Look at Interior Designer Nicky Haslam

Today we're talking about this interior design icon. Take a small peek into the life and work of an incredibly talented designer.
A Closer Look at Interior Designer Nicky Haslam

Last update: 19 March, 2019

Nicholas Haslam Ltd. is one of the biggest interior design companies worldwide. While its headquarters are in London, the company oversees many international projects. Aside from these projects, they also produce and sell their own collection of furniture, fabrics, lighting and decorative accessories. While Nicholas Haslam designs have evolved over time, its origins and distinctive touches are rooted in a love for the countryside. The designs also reflect the legacy and English tradition of its brilliant interior designer founder Nicky Haslam.

The arrival of two other talented interior designers, Paolo Moschino, and Philip Vergeylen, provided an international spin. But the company still stands true to the essence and character of its founder.

Bedridden for months as a child due to an illness, Nicky Haslam developed an eye for room layout and decor at an early age. Later on as an adult, he grew to have a style and technique that stood out.

Who is Nicky Haslam?

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Nicky Haslam is the son of British diplomats and he grew up in a beautiful home in Buckinghamshire, which is said to have some of the most beautiful rooms in all of EnglandWhen he was eight years old, he contracted polio, which left him isolated and bedridden for three years, limiting his movement entirely except for his arms.

In an attempt to help him pass the time, his family built him a mechanical theater. Shortly after, they ordered a giant dolls house from Lavender Herbert, that let Haslam organize and reorganize the rooms a thousand times over when he was able to.

When he was thirteen, he overcame polio completely and went on to finish his studies at Eton College, where he embarked on his passion for interior design, winning various art prizes along the way.

His professional career

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After a short time at an art school, he moved to London and was determined to unleash his artistic talent to the flourishing 70s with its many artists, filmmakers, actors, and photographers. He worked on an interior decoration magazine for some time until he moved to New York to work for US Vogue.

While stateside, he also raised Arabian horses in Arizona for some years. Later, as a photographer in Los Angeles, he continued developing his interior design profession with clients such as Natalie Wood.

He returned to London and opened his own interior design firm, Nicholas Haslam Ltd. in Holbein Place in 1980. In 1995, the firm included an interior design studio and NH Design with a store that partner Paolo Moschino would later take over. Today, the two companies work separately.

His work

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Nicky Haslam has become known as one of the best interior designers in Great Britain. His creative style exercises an intricate love for history. But he applies it from a contemporary perspective. He’s decorated a number of top-notch commercial establishments as well as the homes of famous clientele, which includes Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, and others.

The work he’s done for a countless number of events also forms a part of his experience. Clients include British royalty, companies like Cartier and the National Gallery.

His opinions and experience as a creative writer also make him a man sought out by many prestigious publications. He’s written five books that include bits of his work and findings in the marvelous world of interior design.

A unique style

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Haslam’s projects all have his personal seal. Especially his projects that feature the English cottage style, which he has truly mastered. The style requires more than merely knowing what it is; it demands creating a certain atmosphere or feeling as well. And when it comes to English cottage decor, Haslam has no rivals.

Today, we wanted to invite you to take a peek at this interior designer icon, his life, and work. His creations have inspired many designers, filling them with an extraordinary eye and passion for details, colors, textures, and shapes.