A Closer Look at Interior Designer Jean Louis Denoit

In today's post, we want to introduce a young designer who has gained international status thanks to his neoclassical style that works wonderfully with other styles as well.
A Closer Look at Interior Designer Jean Louis Denoit

Last update: 18 March, 2019

Today, we’re taking a look at the work that’s considered to be the most promising future for French interior design. Internationally known for his eclectic and very personal designs, Jean Louis Denoit has become a true master of balance, harmony and timeless settings.

His designs reveal his passion for the 17th century. He has a neoclassic style that matches perfectly with the boutique decor of French and American aristocracy. While drawing upon different styles, he doesn’t identify with any concretely.

Denoit’s style is characterized by a natural preference for textures and materials. He usually uses monochromatic palettes, especially creams, grays, and cool blues. We’re going to take a closer look at this extraordinary designer. Let’s learn about his bold, extremely sophisticated, magical and far from minimalist work.

Who is Jean Louis Denoit?

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Living room design / 1stdibs.com

This young designer uncovered his passion early on in life. At the tender age of twelve or thirteen, he already knew what he wanted to do. He spent his childhood drawing, creating architectural models and making models for interior design. As a child, Denoit learned how to distinguish decorative styles and used them to design interior settings.

His innate passion pushed him to study product design and architecture at the prestigious Parisian school of design, É cole Camondo. Upon finishing his studies, he opened his own design firm in 2002. Currently, the self-named company has three branches in New York and Paris.

His inspiration

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Apartment / luxdeco.com

Denoit follows a handful of interior designers that he considers to be classical masters. He also finds inspiration in their work. He loves the theatricality of designs from Dorothy Draper, pieces from the Lorenzo Renzo Mongiardino collection. He’s also influenced by the sternness of Adolf Loos designs.

Denoit also finds inspiration in works by Henri Samuel and Alberto Pinto. These two designers actually taught him how to link interior design to the architecture of a room. Denoit’s work also features many references to Palladio and Le Corbusier.

Denoit has also mentioned his admiration for the luxurious designs of Peter Marino as well as the high quality of finishes by François Catroux. He also appreciates the elegant work of another classic French designer, Jean Michel Frank.

His style

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Without strictly following a specific style, this talented artist mixes different decor styles together successfully. The results are spaces that are pure, balanced and serene. He has a very distinct mark.

Denoit’s work is characterized by the balance of colors, materials, and textures. In addition, his work uses wonderful focal points that create depth. He also uses lights and shadows strategically as well. Wherever Denoit works, his talent reflects wisdom from a different era.

“When I plan interiors, I think of the movement around the room, its use, function and space layout of the entire floor,” Jean Louis Denoit.

He’s a master of creating serenity and drama. While Denoit uses the neoclassical style as a base for his designs, he uses pieces from other styles as well.

The work of Jean Louis Denoit

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Denoit has several high-end decorative commercial projects under his belt. Some of his Parisian hotel projects, for example, are simply spectacular. However, he mainly focuses on interior design for homes and furnishing.

His experience also boasts several master decor projects in various countries. Great examples of his work can be found in the United States, India, and Europe.

He even collaborates with several international firms in furniture design and decorative accessories. Baker Furniture and Pouenat Ferronier are two examples.

Rizzoli Publications even published his book  Jean Louis Denoit: Interiors. It’s a magnificent book that shows 18 of his projects. Some of the featured projects were created by the artist himself for his Hollywood Regency style home.

International success

Jean Louis Denoit owes his success to his clients. As for describing his own work, he considers it French chic and a little dramatic with influences from other styles.