6 Styles Trending in 2020

If you want to keep on top of the latest decor ideas and be inspired by new alternative designs, here are 6 styles that are trending in 2020.
6 Styles Trending in 2020

Last update: 20 May, 2020

There are many decorative trends and ideas that have emerged recently. Here are 6 styles that are trending in 2020 that could make your rooms stand out, ranging from classic interior designs to Scandinavian and minimalist designs.

1. Japandi

A Japandi-style kitchen.

Japandi is a portmanteau of Japanese and Scandi. It blends the best of these two interior styles, which have seen huge popularity in recent years.

Japanese designs have a spiritual quality; they encourage us to accept imperfection and that nothing is permanent. Spaces with Japanese designs promote harmony and serenity, making them serene and peaceful places.

When combined with the minimal and natural Scandinavian styleJapandi creates clean and minimalist spaces that are also warm and welcoming. This is one of the most trending styles of 2020.

2. Boho chic

A boho chic style living room.

Boho chic is a style of freedom. It’s a style without limits, one that allows designers to mix multiple styles at will. The key feature of boho chic design is that it mixes textiles, flora, and color to give spaces a bohemian touch. Boho chic allows you to express your personality through your home with complete freedom, but without losing any elegance or harmony in your designs.

Boho chic is a mix of vintage, ethnic, hippie, modern and ancient designs. It’s a very colorful style that uses many patterns and shapes that, when mixed creatively and with elegance, achieve a decorative balance.

3. Wabi sabi

A wabi sabi style living room.

Wabi sabi is more than just a decorative style. It’s a philosophy. This is a modest and simple style that puts natural materials and neutral colors on the center stage. It’s a subtle form of poetry that celebrates imperfections and the passing of time.

Wabi sabi designs are always two things – they are simple and natural. This style gives spaces an ethereal and ever-changing character.

These designs avoid overly luxurious ornaments, always focusing on using natural aesthetics. Based on oriental philosophy, the wabi sabi style stands for a world that is constantly moving, a world where nothing lasts forever.

4. Industrial

An industrial style home

The industrial style of interior design originated in the 1950s in New York. This was an era when many young artists moved to the city and made their homes in open, spacious, and bright abandoned factories.

The industrial style uses materials such as wood, leather, metal, and brick facades.

Industrial designs are also based on using creative techniques, such as cinema and photography, and to repurpose office materials, furniture, and objects that have fallen into disuse.

The use of concrete, untreated wood, and wrought iron create a balanced aesthetic that is not only functional but also beautiful and warm.

Thanks to the industrial style, it’s possible to take an old and abandoned industrial building and renovate and reutilize it to give it a new lease of life. This could be a warehouse, a barn, or a mill that, with the right decorative touch, can become a beautiful home full of creative and trendsetting character.

5. Minimalism

A bedroom with one of the trending styles in 2019.

Minimalism is a decorative and artistic style that uses only the most important, basic components in a room. The objective is to make a room feel more functional and spacious. Any unnecessary and luxurious ornaments are put to one side.

The feature of minimalist designs is their architecture. This style focuses on removing all superfluous objects from a room until only the essential items remain. In other words, it prioritizes the functional over the expendable.

6. Nordic

An image representing trending styles in 2019, including a nordic style

Nordic or Scandinavian interior design first came about in Northern Europe. It’s heavily influenced by the geography and the climate of the regions where the style originated.

However, the style has gone on to inspire people from around the world. It’s a formal, sophisticated style that focuses on light and simplicity. 

The materials used in Nordic designs are light wood, wool, and leather, which combine perfectly with stone and metal, among other materials.

Neutral tones, and particularly the color white, are also key in Nordic designs. While it’s important for the furniture to have simple, straight lines, it’s equally essential to not overcrowd rooms with too much furniture.

If you’ve been thinking about refurbishing your home this year, it’s worth considering some of the 6 styles mentioned in this post. However, bear in mind that it’s important to choose the best style for your tastes and needs. Above all, spaces should be welcoming and reflect your personality.