5 Ways to Decorate Enclosed Balconies

Enclosing your balcony can make it an extension of your home interior and provide additional living space. Learn how to take advantage of this valuable commodity and achieve greater functionality.
5 Ways to Decorate Enclosed Balconies

Last update: 01 February, 2022

We’re all excited by the idea of staying connected to the outside from the inside, alongside making the most of natural light. For this reason, we’re going to discover the different types of enclosed balconies and how to decorate them.

Essentially, enclosed indoor balconies represent additional internal space by expanding our home interiors to achieve greater functionality.

The balcony can become another room and it has many purposes depending on our needs and intentions. It may be used as a place for relaxing, for meetings, for leisure, for activities, as a reading corner, or even a gym. The most interesting aspect is that by enclosing your balcony, you’ll gain valuable square meters, which is often lacking in a city apartment.

Enclosed balconies: dimensions and spatiality

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Before enclosing your balcony, take into account its dimensions, how you can really take advantage of it, and how much space it offers you. By doing this, you can assess the possibilities it offers you and the best way to decorate it.

Generally, city apartment balconies tend to be quite narrow and small and as such, their uses and functionality are fairly limited. They’re usually longer in length than in width.

Although, the types of balconies that we find in housing estates and country homes tend to be larger. Therefore, these spaces can be worked a little better and transformed into an additional room that acquires several functions.

Five ways to decorate enclosed balconies

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Once you’ve made the decision to enclose your balcony, it’s time to assess the different decorative possibilities and ask yourself about the types of furniture you can introduce. How can you gain space? What resources should be present? Let’s look at five possibilities:

  1. The glass that encloses your balcony can be made from smart glass. This glazing provides climate control and a formula to completely cover the space, protecting it from inclement weather.
  2. Seating should be arranged so that it doesn’t take up too much space. It should be placed next to the walls so that you can accommodate your guests without obstructing any passage. You could try a small sofa on one side, a pouf or even a couple of chairs next to a small table.
  3. Contemplate the possibility of having one or several supports such as a table or a protruding shelf. By doing this, you can enjoy breakfast or lunch while taking in the view.
  4. A unique feature would be placing a small fireplace on one side of the enclosure. It doesn’t take up much space and it’ll help to provide warmth. This is important because, despite the fact that you have a good enclosure, it’ll be more exposed to the cold.
  5. Plants are an essential resource. A touch of green will suit any interior, purify the air and help to refresh the environment. Plants can survive perfectly thanks to all the natural light they’ll receive on your enclosure throughout the day.

Types of lighting for enclosed balconies

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An enclosed balcony receives natural light for most of the day. Even so, you’ll also want to use it during late afternoons and evenings, so you’ll need to employ a professional to complete a basic electrical installation for you.

Then you can have a lamp in the center of your balcony or use the space for work or more functional activities that require electricity.

In the event that you want to turn it into a place of relaxation or a reading room, a lamp next to the sofa or chair will help you to see what you’re doing. A softly lit space will create comfort and ensure that this area is designated for wellbeing and disconnection.

Window blinds

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Blinds are vital for an enclosed balcony. With them, you can filter the light or avoid receiving direct sunlight inside, especially during daylight hours, so that the space doesn’t overheat.

Avoid having opaque blinds because although they let the light in, you’ll want to be able to regulate the light as you please.

Finally, if you do decide to enclose your balcony, consider and analyze all the points we’ve described above before you get down to work and start the transformation.

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