5 IKEA Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Getting your kitchen organized is easier than think, even if it's a small one: you only have to use bottles, drawers and cupboards. Learn about some examples that you can find in any IKEA store.
5 IKEA Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Last update: 17 December, 2018

Below, we’ll give you some really practical and economical IKEA tips to help you get your kitchen organized.

In the IKEA kitchenware section, there is a special section dedicated to food storage and organization. Don’t forget that knowing how to store things effectively is very important, especially in the kitchen. By doing so, you’ll always have everything you need on hand when you cook.

So today, you can read about the products that we recommend for organization and sorting. They’re must-haves in any kitchen.


Both jars and Tupperware are great options for storing things in the kitchen. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available, as we’ll explain below:

  • Some containers have airtight lids or covers in order to better save food, meaning that you won’t need to throw out as much.
  • Stacking them is extremely convenient because you can save space and group them together according to their contents.
  • Some containers have a transparent lid, which allows you to see its contents easily. Others have lids that you can open up halfway to prevent spilling the contents.

In addition to storing food, many containers are oven- and microwave-safe. As you can see, they’re very practical and even look cute; they help make your kitchen look tidier.

On IKEA’s website, there’s a wide range of shapes and they’re all affordable. Containers can cost anywhere from 2 to 10 euros.


Drawer organizers

As you’ll read shortly, jars aren’t the only IKEA tricks for a organized kitchen.

For tidying up drawer spaces, the IKEA Variera serious is a great choice. You can use these products to easily organize all of your silverware and small-sized containers.

In addition, they’re all designed to fit perfectly into drawers. They’re not only useful for your silverware, but also for spices and other utensils.

They normally come in two varieties: as trays or as boxes.


Cupboard and cabinet organizers

We’re going to cover two kinds of IKEA organizers:

  1. Additional shelves: To make the most the space in between shelves you can use additional shelves. You can place small objects on top of them to avoid crowding.
  2. Lazy Susan: Lazy Susans are great for corners. They allow you to see all of the cabinet’s contents perfectly. In addition, we often avoid filling up corner spaces because it’s very inconvenient when we need to grab something. Keeping that in mind, these organizers are also a great way to take advantage of corner spaces.

Trash bins

You might not notice, but trash also occupies space. In addition, it takes up even more space if we decide to recycle. In these cases, we need to use more than one bin or container.

Some bins have a built-in pedal at the bottom for easy use. Of course, there are all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors, which is why you’ll be able to find the one that best suits your kitchen.

Trash bin prices are around 10 euros in IKEA (as a minimum). As a result of being so economical, these bins will definitely help you separate and sort your waste more efficiently. On a further note, some varieties are expandable, thus helping you take the most advantage of your space. 

Other IKEA storage options

We’d also like to talk about organizers  that are meant to be out, not hidden in drawers or cabinets.

You can use small adhesives or hooks on your walls to hang these organizers, or if there’s no wall, on the inside of a cabinet door. On the hooks, you can hang a mini set of shelves, baskets or boxes where you can store spices, garlic, salt…

By using these kinds of organizers, you´ll free up the space on your counter-tops and shelves, thus preventing a crowded kitchen.

As you’ve read in our post today, you have plenty of options. All you have to do is choose the organizer that best suits the characteristics of your kitchen in order to use the space in the best possible way.

On our last note, don’t forget that IKEA has an online store for your convenience. You can shop from the comfort of your own home.