4 Spooky Halloween Ideas for Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Create a spooky air for your kitchen and dining room with these ideas!
4 Spooky Halloween Ideas for Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Last update: 23 May, 2019

Autumn is creeping up along with one of the year’s biggest holidays: Halloween. It’s time to decorate your home to scare! We have 4 ideas to prepare your kitchen and dining room for Halloween.

As you’ll read for yourself below, creating a spooky atmosphere for these rooms is simple and you can do it yourself. You just need to buy a few materials and let your imagination run wild.

1. Bloody tablecloth

halloween tablecloth

Tablecloths are an essential element for dining rooms and kitchens. Put away your usual tablecloth and make a new one just for Halloween. You can make your own fake blood by following these steps.

Cut out a tablecloth from white fabric. Splatter the fake blood all over the tablecloth. Then, glue spiderwebs onto the ends or sew on decorative details like spiders, fingers, etc. To finish, put it onto your table for a perfect themed get-together.

This tablecloth works great for kitchens and dining rooms alike and it’ll definitely surprise your guests.

2. Spiderwebs

Spiderwebs are a Halloween must. You can find them at any decoration store. They come in all sizes and, if you want, you can also buy large quantities by the meter.

We have a lot of tips on arranging spiderwebs but our biggest one is utilizing corners. Play around with different heights and spread them over light fixtures, the floor, shelves or even sofas and tables.

halloween spiderwebs

If your webs are thick enough, try adding small insects or other creepy details to them. A great idea is mixing them with colorful lights or electric candles. With a little lighting, they’ll stay visible and keep things spooky.

3. Halloween table centerpieces

Centerpieces are common elements in kitchens and dining rooms. Try keeping them around for Halloween, but give them a spin. You can tweak them yourself with a few economical accessories.

Buy a small wicker basket, glass tray or something similar that can hold different elements together to make a centerpiece. Use webs, candles and anything else you can think of. Make it really scary by adding some plastic or silicon eyes, and hands, arms or heads of dolls.

Once you have your centerpiece arranged, keep it in place with glue. Add spiderwebs or fake blood as a finishing touch.

4. Pumpkins

halloween pumpkins

Our last Halloween idea for kitchens and dining rooms is a classic: jack-o-lanterns. Buy some pumpkins to place around your home.

Try looking for ripe, medium-sized pumpkins, which will be softer and easier to hollow out. After you hollow out your pumpkins, make the most of the insides with a delicious recipe.

Outline big eyes with evil smiles and cut them out. Next, all you need to do is fit a candle inside for a glowing jack-o-lantern.

Now you have 4 spooky ideas for your kitchen and dining room! Don’t waste any more time and start thinking about how to create the perfect Halloween decor. As you’ve read with us today, you just need a little imagination and a few economical materials to change your home and surprise your guests with a scary welcome!