4 Easy Ways to Change your Bathroom

Changing your bathroom doesn't have to be an impossible mission with our 4 ideas.
4 Easy Ways to Change your Bathroom

Last update: 19 November, 2018

Want to change your bathroom? When we think of remodeling, whatever room it may be, we think of big projects and weeks on end to get them done.

However, changes aren’t always like that. There are some things that we can change without having to start a big project. We just need a couple of days and we’ll already have a different bathroom.

The bathroom is an important space because people are constantly using it. Bathrooms also have to combine aesthetics with hygiene and safety.

Consequently, designing a bathroom that meets all of these demands isn’t always easy. We also need to consider time and innovation. Bathrooms can become outdated– not in visual terms, but rather in materials.

In today’s post, we’d like to give you 4 easy ideas to change your bathroom without having to undertake a big project.

1. Put in new flooring and walls

Our first idea might seem like a lot of work but in reality, it’s easier than you might think.

If you want to give your bathroom a new look, you can try changing the flooring or walls.

Changing these will definitely result in a transformation.

For the floor, vinyl and laminates are a very popular floor trend. They provide warmth and are easy to install, so much so that you can do it yourself.

Changing tiles normally requires a professional and a complicated project. However, you can choose a simpler and cheaper alternative.

First, you can try putting decorative paper on the tiles that are furthest away from the water sources. You can combine the color and design of the tiles with the decorative paper, resulting in a beautiful finish.

There is paint that’s specifically designed for tiles. You can paint on top of them. Tile paint is water-resistant and very economical.

Bathroom Change Floor Walls Tiles

2. Swap the tub for a shower

A way to create space and change your bathroom is swopping the tub for a shower. To do this, you’ll need some help and a bigger budget.

This is a great option not only because it creates more space, but it also saves water and time spent bathing in the morning.

A shower with tempered glass doors can help make a bathroom look spacious as it doesn’t create any visual obstruction.

Bathroom change shower tub

3. Toilet

Innovation has also changed the toilet market. If you want to change your bathroom, you should also consider your porcelain throne.

There are models that save water or have a tank that’s hidden in the wall. But, the ones with clean, cut lines bring a modern air to bathrooms, completely refreshing their look.

This is a small project and can be finished easily.

On another note, if you want to maximize your space, get rid of your bidet if you have one but don’t use it.

Bathroom change space

4. Lighting matters

Lighting is an important aspect in any home and in the bathroom, it’s especially valuable.

Allowing natural light to illuminate a bathroom is crucial but in many cases, it’s not a viable option because the windows are often too small.

Thus placing different light sources in our bathrooms becomes essential.

Putting a light directly above the mirror and another to light up the entire bathroom is crucial.

Bathroom change lighting

Conclusion – how to change your bathroom

As you’ve read in our post, you can change your bathroom easily and you don’t have to spend lots of money and time on it.

You should plan your ideas in detail, figure out a budget and consider all your options. Completing all these steps will ensure a successful end result.

Before you go, remember that a bathroom should be functional, hygienic, safe and comfortable. So, remember to focus your project on these objectives.