20s Style Decoration

20s Style Decoration

Last update: 01 January, 2019

Use 20s style decoration to fill your home with splendor and glamor. 

The interior design world has a long historical track record. Many different styles first came about during the 1920s. In this article, we want to show you how to decorate using styles from this decade.

Maybe you’ve seen a movie set from this era where a home is decorated like this, or maybe you’ve been in a house recently that uses this style. It’s not unusual, but it definitely has an original and avant-garde touch. 

Using this style in your home will give it elegance, glamor and an aestethicgally pleasing touch. However, you have to be very careful with the details so that you give your home a vintage touch without going overboard.

Below, we’ll tell you which characteristics are the most important for the 20s style.

What were the 20s?

To better contextualize the style, you have to understand what was happening during this era and why this style is so popular in the interior design world.

The 1920s was a time of economic boom in the US. The nation was the world’s economic engine while Europe was facing a political and economic crisis.

During this era, we saw the world of burlesque, the Charleston, cabaret, etc. Also, the American population was concerned with aesthetics, both inside and outside of their homes as well as in relation to their lifestyles.

20s style

People really took advantage of the economic boom and a lot started building houses with luxury interior designs.

So, people began to use their homes as a way to show off their elegance and success. This was a true reflection of the ‘roaring’ 20s.

Decorating the entrance and living room

We recommend decorating the entire house using this style instead of giving each room its own design.

You can use the following furniture for the entrance:

  • Table adhered to the wall with curved details and rockery, very similar to Baroque style.
  • Mirror (square or oval) with a curved frame or rockery.
  • Coat rack with curved arms.
  • Decorative elements: picture frames, lamps, etc.

You can use more of this style’s design in the living room. You want the room to look glamorous, so you should use shiny materials.

  • Round or rectangular dining table with an embroidered tablecloth.
  • Chairs and sofas with patterned upholstery and curved designs. Try to avoid plain colors.
  • Ceiling lights or table lamps decorated with pearls. If you prefer a standing one, find a silver one that has a curved shape.
  • Decorate with candles, candlesticks, pictures with golden frames, etc. 

Bathroom decoration

Continue using this decorative style in other rooms of the house, like the bathroom. There, you can easily use the 20s style to give the room a dynamic look.

Keep the following elements in mind:

  • Porcelain sink design with antique faucets.
  • Mirror with curved lines or rockery.
  • Freestanding tub with antique spouts.
  • Patterned tiles for the walls and floor. Make sure you’re using bright tones: white, yellow, pink, etc.


Using bright tones will transport your room back to the 1920s. Different colors have different meanings, so you should ask yourself: what feelings do I want the colors in my home to transmit?

  • Red: strength, intensity, elegance, and passion. It’s considered a typical tone of cabarets.
  • Yellow: brilliance and elegance, as long as it’s combined properly. It’s difficult to combine yellow with furniture.
  • Earthy: neutral colors that aren’t overly elegant and that also provide a sense of tranquility.
  • Gold and silver: excellence, these tones are known for brining elegance and glamor to any room.
  • Purple: although it’s unusual to find this color in the home, it can give a room a graceful but daring touch.

Other decorative elements of the 20s style

As you know, it’s a great idea to put vases, bowls, candlesticks, candles, pictures, etc on shelves and tables. However, you have to make sure that it all goes well with the room’s furniture.

As for the curtains, you can use white or earthy tones if you don’t want them to be the focal point of the room. On the other hand, if you want to give the room a theatrical and daring look, you can hang red curtains.

-A passionate, joyful life and absolute comfort. That was the 20s-


Remember, decorative richness is the most important aspect of this style. As you can see, it’s easy to bring the style of the ‘roaring’ 20s into your own home. The main goal is to reflect the economic success of this glamorous era.