11 Top Tips for a Thorough Spring Clean

You should give your house a good spring clean every now and then, not just in spring. This is the time to clean the areas of the house that you don't get to often.
11 Top Tips for a Thorough Spring Clean

Last update: 10 March, 2020

Although you might clean your house daily or weekly, it’s also common to give the house a good spring clean when the season changes. Now that spring is getting close, it’s a good time to think about how you’re going to give your house a thorough spring clean.

Below, we’ll show you some top tips that you should take into account when you’re going to do a thorough spring clean. You want it to be as quick, simple and have the best visible results possible.

1. Cleaning by room

Clean by room to avoid missing areas

The first thing you should take into account when you’re going to give your house a spring clean is that you should clean room by room. In this way, cleaning will be simpler and quicker. And what’s more, you won’t forget about any room of the house or any items, since you’ll be doing everything in order.

We also recommend that you try to clean from the ceiling or the walls downwards so that the dirt and dust can fall to the floor as you go. Do the floors last.

2. Windows and blinds

Clean the windows inside and out

You probably don’t clean the glass in your windows every day. So when spring cleaning, make sure you give special attention to the glass. Leave it sparkling to make sure you can watch the coming of spring from your home.

Since you’re already cleaning the window, don’t forget about the blinds. These tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, especially horizontal blinds.

3. Curtains

Take down the curtains and wash them

Curtains are another part of the house that you most likely don’t clean that often since they’re large, heavy and it can be a little complicated to take them down and put back up. But in your spring cleaning, we recommend you take them down and wash them since there’s no greater feeling of cleanness that seeing freshly washed curtains.

Don’t worry about having to iron them; as soon as you take them out of the washing machine just stretch them out on the line and let them dry in the breeze. This way, they won’t get creases in them, they’ll dry almost wrinkle-free.

4. Take the rugs up

You can put the rugs away at the end of winter

With the arrival of the warmer months such as spring, what can you do with the rugs? We recommend that if you have rugs around the house you take them up and store them away.

It’s also a good opportunity to wash them before you store them if they’re washable. If not at least shake the dust out and put them in the sun for a bit. This will kill any bugs or bacteria they’re hiding.

Rugs are like heat sources, which you probably won’t need over summer since the outside temperatures rise. Your house will also be warmer, and you’ll appreciate cooler floors.

5. Spring cleaning the doors

Wipe and disinfect the door handles

You probably forget about the doors when you’re doing your daily or weekly house cleaning. So, give them a bit of going over when you’re spring cleaning.

Don’t forget that doors also have handles, door frames, and a baseboard. Don’t forget to clean these too. It’s also a good idea to disinfect door handles now and then.

6. Changing bed linen

Take advantage of spring cleaning to change winter bedding

If you live in a house without heating, or in a colder area, when warmer temperatures arrive you can change the bedding. Swap the winter comforter for a lighter one, and you can even change the sheets for cooler summer ones.

While you’re changing the bed linen, make sure you also check the state of the mattress to make sure it’s not damp. It’s a good idea to put it out in the sun for a while to dry out any humidity and kill any bugs. You can also turn it over when you put it back on your bed to sleep on the other side; you’ll sleep better at night.

7. Spring cleaning house plants

Dust plant leaves and check the state of them

Although you may not do this often, you should wipe the leaves of any house plants you have inside. Plants can accumulate quite a bit of dust on their leaves. It’s also a good opportunity to check whether they might need a bit of extra TLC or some nutrients to keep them healthy.

8. Shelves

A good spring cleaning includes the shelves

Bookshelves are one of the areas of the house that can take the longest to clean, thanks to the multitude of objects that they might have on them.

Since you’re spring cleaning, don’t just wipe the dust off the bits of the uncovered shelf. Take everything off and clean each object. When the shelf is empty you can clean the back too. If it’s a bookcase, take advantage of it temporarily weighing less to move it and clean behind it.

9. In the bathroom, focus on the tiles

Clean the tiles and grout including any water marks

The bathroom is one of the areas of the house that you probably superficially clean daily or weekly. So in your spring clean, we recommend you dedicate time to thoroughly clean the tiles.

Check the state of your towels as well. If you see they’re getting a bit threadbare, change them for some new towels. Since it’s springtime, choose some joyful spring colors to give a colorful touch to your bathroom.

10. Spring cleaning in the kitchen

Clean the fridge and throw out any old expired food

Another one of the most used areas of the house is the kitchen. It’s also one of the most frequently cleaned. With that in mind, again, focus on jobs you don’t normally do. Check all the stuff you have in the cupboards and the pantry, if you have one, and throw out any old items you don’t use.

When you’re cleaning, make sure there are no stains, whether grease stains or from other items. If you find marks on the walls or backsplash, try to get rid of them.

One of the electrical appliances you should spend a bit of time on in the kitchen is the refrigerator. We recommend that you take everything out and clean out any ice that’s accumulated. Check to see if there’s any forgotten jars or other foods that have expired, and throw them out.

11. Spring cleaning the living room

A thorough spring cleaning includes the sofa

Pay special attention to the sofa. Although you might not be able to see it at first glance, the sofa gathers dust and mites that you have to clean now and then to have a clean and healthy house.

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