6 Tips to Decorate Your Patio in an Andalusian Style

The typical Andalusian-style patio is characterized by white walls, flowers, and ceramic tiles. Discover the other elements that make up this beautiful space.
6 Tips to Decorate Your Patio in an Andalusian Style

Last update: 09 August, 2021

Andalusian patios always captivate the gaze of visitors. Their colorful flowers convey happiness and joy, so it’s not surprising that many people want to recreate an Andalusian-style outdoor space. One of the main requirements to achieve this is dedication. Today, we’ll show you how to decorate and create your own Andalusian-style patio.

1. Decorate your patio in an Andalusian style using the ideal space

How to have your own patio with Andalusian style

The first important and obvious factor is that you must have an outdoor area. Although if you don’t have a patio, you can recreate a balcony or small terrace in an Andalusian style instead.

2. White walls

White walls are the common denominator in traditional Andalusian patios. There’s a reason for this–white walls enhance the beauty of flowers. So before placing your pots of flowers and plants, make sure that your walls are perfectly painted in brilliant white.

3. Decorate your patio in an Andalusian style with ceramic tiles

You may already know this, but ceramic tiles are an essential decorative element to recreate your dream patio. In the market, there are many colors and types to choose from. Use your intuition and taste to choose the ceramic tiles that best represent your home’s personality.

Don’t forget, your tiles should complement your floral displays and greenery too. 

4. Add a rustic touch

A rustic touch refers to furniture made with wrought iron or wood. However, the idea of including a rustic element doesn’t have to stop at using only this material. Why not add an oak wine barrel, large stones, or handicrafts made with clay? This works very well if your space is large, although, don’t overload your Andalusian-style patio with too many elements. Remember to leave space for the main attraction: your flowers.

5. Include a water source

Andalusian patios were originally created with the intention to clear the mind, relieve stress, and as a shady escape from hot days. A water fountain brings calm just by listening to its sound, and it’s a perfect complement for colorful flowers. If you want to decorate your patio in an Andalusian style, you should definitely add a fountain for a touch of serenity.

6. Decorate your patio in an Andalusian style with flowers, shrubs and plants

Catch the eyes of your visitors with an Andalusian patio

There’s no doubt that the main attraction and focus of the patios of Andalusia are the flowers, trees, shrubbery, and plants. Therefore, make sure you choose the types of flowers and plants that you like and the ones that you can care for. Each plant has different requirements and to keep all your plants and flowers healthy you must meet their care needs.

Above all, your plants should be lively, colorful, and very green. If you’re wondering about the best plants to use for your Andalusian patio, we have some recommendations for you:

Decorate your patio in an Andalusian style with climbing plants

They’re beautiful and showy plants, however, as they grow they can occupy a lot of space. You can choose which space they occupy when you prune them. Consider bougainvillea; its beautiful flowers enhance spaces with colorful displays.

Another option could be wisteria. These are climbing plants, but they’re quite bulky which means they’re not recommended if you have limited space.


It’s highly likely you’ve realized that the most striking flowers in all Andulisian patios are geraniums.  Commonly found hanging from pots, when they bloom you’ll have an attractive patio, typical to this region.

During hot weather, the geranium requires water at least twice a day. However, don’t make the mistake of watering them when the sun and heat are at their highest.

Rose bushes

Some roses have a captivating scent and with a wide variety of roses available, you’ll have plenty to choose from. A secret to keeping roses in good condition is to keep their roots wet, whilst being careful not to drown them. If you want to grow them in pots, add a layer of stones before adding compost and planting them.


There are several aspects to consider when you want to have begonias on a patio. Plant them when the winter season has passed. In hot weather, begonias need to be watered daily. Also, if you want to keep them healthy, make sure that they have good drainage and that the pH of the soil isn’t too acidic.

Catch the eyes of your visitors with a colorful Andalusian patio

To decorate a beautiful Andalusian-style patio you’ll need love, care, and dedication. As we’ve seen, there are other elements you should add and maintain, including white walls. Choose plants with bright colors and try to keep them healthy and green … and don’t forget ceramic tiles. If you put your heart into it, you’ll create a beautiful outdoor space to reduce stress and captivate your visitors.