Types of Sun Loungers For the Garden

When furnishing the garden, you can't about forget the sun loungers. They're the perfect place to rest, relax, and, of course, sunbathe!
Types of Sun Loungers For the Garden

Last update: 11 September, 2020

Summer is a time to enjoy all kinds of activities and spending time outside. The temperature is ideal for taking some time outside to disconnect from your day to day life. Therefore, we’re going to take a look at some types of sun loungers for the garden.

During the winter, we spend a lot of time indoors. It’s a time when the exterior of the house is neglected to some extent. You can’t use your yard in the same way and your pool will be covered while you wait for the good weather.

Analyzing the situation carefully, you’re going to need some furniture for the garden, porch, or terrace. Ultimately, it should be comfortable and functional, appropriate for daily use, and, above all, attractive and beautiful.

Relaxing in the garden

Sun loungers are ideal for spending time outside.

The garden can become a great recreational space. You can create a reading corner, a picnic area for celebrations, a place for plants, and especially, a space for rest.

There’s nothing better than getting to spend a little time sunbathing on a lounger. Without a doubt, you’ll feel so relaxed after just a little while. So why not set up an area conducive to this private relaxation time?

To do this, you must furnish the yard according to your needs and what you plan to use it for. This depends on the type of environment you want – a place for sunbathing or simply a spot for some relaxation.

Sun loungers are a great option to properly furnish the garden.

3 types of sun loungers for the garden

Sun loungers can be a functional and comfortable piece of furniture.

When looking at sun loungers that are currently on the market, you can see that some are more elongated and let you stretch out comfortably. These are very popular.

You should consider that, generally, these are ergonomic and usually have an adjustable backrest. They recline as much as you want. Let’s look at 3 types that could be a good option:

  1. The lounge bed has a simple design and fits perfectly into the aesthetics of any garden. Straight lines are the most common. They offer a minimalist style that is also functional. Stainless steel is also a common material that is very durable with daily use.
  2. When it comes to greater comfort and well-being, there is also a model similar to a lounge bed. These are fully padded and made of synthetic rattan. These are ideal for relaxing but aren’t recommended near the pool.
  3. An intermediate step between the previous examples would be a lounger with an aluminum frame and padded Textilene. The surface is slightly soft and very comfortable. Also, they have armrests.

Types of sun loungers for the pool

A pool chair.

If you have a large yard, there’s always the option of having a pool. This is the best way to cool off in the summer. However, to enjoy it, you need to have other accessories that help you make the most of your space.

Sun loungers are a must. In this case, most people opt for functional and cheap options, such as plastic loungers. Many stores sell this type with reclining backrests and armrests. However, they can be a bit uncomfortable if you want to spend a lot of time on them.

Usually, hotels and beachfront properties use rotomolded propylene. These are soft to the touch and comfortable enough for sunbathing and lounging. Also, this material doesn’t get ruined by contact with water.

Wooden sun loungers – a practical resource

A wooden lounge chair.

When talking about different types of loungers, you should take a look at wooden ones. They are probably not as comfortable as some of the previous options, but they give a natural, warm environment and look great on a green lawn.

There are straight, simple options that are pure function. However, there are also more ergonomic ones that adapt to the shape of your body and are made up of narrow slats. In short, these are interesting options for furnishing your garden.


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