A Summer Garden - How to Use Pops of Color

Do you like summer gardens full of colorful flowers? These transmit energy and personality to your yard. Read on!
A Summer Garden - How to Use Pops of Color

Last update: 17 August, 2020

Do you like the idea of a summer garden full of vibrant colors? To create a summer garden, you have to know where the light hits your house during the summer, as this influences the intensity and nuances of the colors of the plants.

Foliage and flowers vary their shades depending on the brightness of the sun. Therefore, this is a factor that you should take into account when combining colors to create explosive shades in your garden.

A summer garden – choose and combine colors

A summer garden can have lots of flowers.

As well as designing the structure of the garden, you should also consider the colors that you want in it. Although the secret is to choose your preferred shades, it’s best to make sure that they harmonize well together.

Before starting to combine colors, you should know what they mean.

A summer garden with primary colors

Red – energy

Red is a striking color in any garden. This is a great option when you want to enhance a garden that lacks color.

The combination of red, bronze, and green results in a cozy feeling. However, if you want a softer effect, you can use garnet or plum tones combined with pink flowers with dark green leaves.

Yellow – warmth

This is a very luminous color and it inspires warmth and joy. We recommend that you put this color in sunny areas to energize your garden.

Yellow intensifies other shades. The results are spectacular if you combine yellow with complementary colors, such as blue and violet. Also, this looks great with soft green or silver-gray flowers.

Blue – calm

This is a great cool color option. It inspires feelings of calm and rest. Bluish flowers come to life among silver or gray leaves.

Keep in mind that blue fades in excess light. Therefore, to successfully combine blue with other colors, you should use shades that provide luminosity, such as yellow and orange.

A summer garden using other colors

Several bright flowers.

Green – relaxation

Green creates relaxing sensations. There are many shades from cool, soft tones to very dark green that’s almost black.

This allows you to make endless combinations. Green goes well with blue and yellow tones and contrasts well with red. You can use this to achieve elegant combinations and create separate zones between contrasting colors.

A summer garden with white – tranquility

Neutral color gives off feelings of peace and calm. This color is ideal in a garden since it gives energy to all floral combinations and in shady areas.

It pairs perfectly with all shades, whether intense or light. To highlight white blooms, it’s best to intersperse these flowers with green foliage.

Orange – vitality

These flowers are very colorful and warm. However, the biggest drawback is that it’s difficult to find colors that combine well with orange. Although if you know how to do it, the results can be astounding.

Therefore, it’s best to combine orange flowers with leaves with coppery tones and with red, purple, or yellow flowers. On the other hand, to tone down the intensity, you can combine them with cream-toned foliage and flowers.

A beautiful garden with flowers and a fountain.

Pink – subtlety

These flowers inspire softness. However, there are two types of pink hues – lilac and salmon. Take this into account so you know where to use these colors.

Pink flowers stand out more next to purple and gray leaves. This color also works well with white and mauve.

A summer garden with purple – personality

This is a strong, dark color with lots of presence. Purple flowers show off their beauty best when they’re alone. You can enhance their look with a monochromatic style.

The combination of red and purple is also a good look because of its powerful effect. If you want to create areas with softer tones, you can also group purple flowers with lilac, blue, and pink tones.

What do you think about combining plants and flowers to create the perfect summer garden? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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