How to Select a Wooden Garden Bridge

How would you like to turn your garden into something more attractive and interesting? It's time to consider a wooden garden bridge.
How to Select a Wooden Garden Bridge

Last update: 09 September, 2020

The garden is one of the best spaces to spruce up. This is because there are many decorative items you can use, ranging from sophisticated to avant-garde. Without a doubt, one worth noting is the wooden garden bridge.

Perhaps you’re thinking about a wide variety of bridges that may be available for the decor of your garden. Fundamentally, the intention is to turn a garden into a small park where you can enjoy nature.

These types of bridges are very common in Japanese-style gardens. So use them over a river or a pond and finish it with plants of all types. This influence has reached the West, which is why our parks and gardens also use this type of decor.

Wooden garden bridge

A wooden garden bridge before installation.
Wooden bridge/

As mentioned above, your garden offers all kinds of possibilities. So, turning part of it into a natural space that features water, plants, fish, and a bridge can be good. This is because it’ll provide a relaxing corner that’ll greatly contribute to your well-being.

What we’re trying to achieve here is a decor process where the bridge can establish an interesting artistic concept. However, it’s another way to decorate the space and change the landscape into a place for personal enjoyment.

The bridge can be over water to combine functionality and decor. Or it can be simply there as an ornamental element on the ground. These two ideas are the most common in gardens.

Choose a spot in your garden and turn it into your own relaxing personal space.

Three types of wooden garden bridges

A lovely wooden garden bridge.
Wooden bridge/

Once you’ve made the decision to get a bridge, then it’s time to choose what kind. There are three different types and you can transform them according to your personal preferences. Remember that you can paint wood in order to change its look.

  • Smooth slat bridge. This is the traditional style and its shape enhances the water around it. It’s more of a functional art piece. It usually has a simple handrail to prevent falls, of either wood, metal, ropes, or chains.
  • Cylindrical log bridge. This is another option that offers a more natural and informal look.
  • Steps. This is the least common in the world of garden decoration. However, they are useful for certain terrains and can give access to difficult to reach areas.

The wood color – light or dark

A resin product.
Natural wooden bridge/

You may not know the color you want for the wood. as you may just want a bridge that doesn’t stand out. In any case, you have the option of varnishing it to give it a more natural look.

Firstly, you must apply some corrosion and humidity protectant, while making sure it’s transparent. Next, you can either leave the bridge with its natural light color or use a varnish that’ll darken its surface.

Either option is fine. However, you should consider your choice as the rest of your garden decor must match the tone of the bridge itself. You can even paint it in a specific color.

A wooden garden bridge with metal

An iron and wood garden bridge.
Wood and metal bridge/

Another kind of wooden bridge is one combined with metal. Forged handrails can be made to beautify the sides of the bridge to enhance the aesthetic of the bridge as you approach it.

Finally, you can include some decorative balls on top of the bollards that define the sides. This way, the bridge becomes more interesting and will look good.

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