Pool Lighting - What You Should Know

Give a different touch to your pool area by lighting it properly so you can also enjoy it at night.
Pool Lighting - What You Should Know

Last update: 04 October, 2019

The pool is all about leisure and entertainment however, most people tend to use it only during the day. But, why not use it at night too? Continue reading as we’re about to tell you some of the advantages of pool lighting.

It’s awesome to have a pool during summer days because swimming isn’t only good for your body but also your mind. Generally, water is a wonderful element. So, wouldn’t it be great to be able to just jump into your pool when you feel like it? If only there were lights to do so at 3 am …

If there are no lights in your garden then you can’t enjoy your pool at all times, so pool lighting is essential. Also, if you choose them well, lights will do more than brighten up your pool area. Lights are a great decor item all on their own.

Garden aesthetic

A pool light.

Making sure that your swimming pool and its environment are well lit makes them not only safer but also more attractive. Furthermore, pool lights also add a dramatic dimension to the pool and its surrounding area. Lights brighten up a pool and generate a glow that goes around the entire area.

Pool lights create a very distinct ambiance that looks beautiful especially at night when you just want to swim the day away before you go to bed. The pool is an important space in your garden. It’s a functional element that adds that blue touch to contrast with the green. It certainly brings freshness to any environment.

But, what happens if you want to use it and you can’t see it? A dark pool is dangerous.

So, you should fit lights in various areas to be able to use the pool whenever you want. Lights don’t only allow you to see what’s around you but they also encourage relaxation. They catch your eyes and invite you into the water at the end of a rough day.

“Pool lighting provides a completely different decorative element.”

Types of pool lighting

Lighting for night swimming.

Even though the garden itself can have its own lighting in the form of lanterns or light sticks the pool lights can operate independently contribute to the ambiance.

There are two types of underwater lights:

  • The kind that attaches to a pool wall and doesn’t require drilling.
  • Those you should embed in a hole.

Some examples:

  • LED spotlight with 18w power. This offers high performance and hardly consumes energy, so you can leave the pool lit for long periods of time. The color of the light is white and there are two formats: on wall and built-in.
  • Recessed niche with LED bulb, also with 18w. This usually comes with two meters of cable with insulating wrap. The light is white and powerful.
  • 35w submersible bulb. This offers a very intense, white and cold light and it’s a lot more functional than the previous ones due to the strength of the bulb.

Pool size and lighting

A garden area at night.

The number of lights you use will depend on the size of your pool. The bigger it is the more lights you’ll need. The important thing here is to create the right mood. In this case, quantity does improve quality. For example:

  • Typical pool dimensions are 10 x 20 feet, so you’ll need to have around 2 or 3 lights.
  • If the pool is a lot larger then you’ll need to add more bulbs – between 4 and 5 at least. They should all be well distributed within the pool area so that the light reaches all corners.

In either case you can also install small bulbs, however, you would have to use a lot of them and your costs could increase.

We recommend that the installation is close to the surface to ease replacement whenever necessary without getting too wet.

Character relaxed through colored lights

You may think there’s only one type of pool light – the white kind. However, there’s another kind that contains RGB colored lights. They come in all styles, you just have to know what color you like the most and the atmosphere you’d like to have in your garden.

Blue lights are great but so are green ones. The red ones, however, could be too intense and creepy. When it comes to informal settings, use purple.

There are also lights that change color automatically. You can create various attractive and relaxing environments with these. There’s always something new in the world of swimming pools.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this article.