Lighting Up Your Stairs with Stair Lights: Types and Methods

Add a novel air to your home decor by lighting up your stairs.
Lighting Up Your Stairs with Stair Lights: Types and Methods

Last update: 17 August, 2019

Lighting is one of the most important factors of stair design because visibility is essential for moving into a different room. In our post today, let’s look at original ways of lighting up your stairs.

The decor for your stairs plays a big role in your overall home decor because it’s a central piece in your interiors. Sometimes we focus so much on decor style and materials that we forget a major element: lighting.

Lighting provides safe settings. In addition, you can add an artistic touch by lighting up your stairs. So let’s dive in and look at the ways you can make your stairs shine!

Lights that shine from the bottom

lighting stairs inside out

An original way of lighting your stairs is by installing lights on the bottom of your steps. By featuring bottom lights, the steps will project a translucent or semi-translucent effect as well as a well-defined light pattern.

The results are bright, elegant and subtle without too intense of a light. In addition, each step will have a unique lighting. The overall set of lights also creates a beautiful decor.

What are open stairs?

lighting stairs open stairs

Open stairs are the structures that boast the most lighting possibilities. They only feature the steps, making lighting a crucial factor for preventing accidents.

An incredibly elegant and novel light solution is installing LED lights at the end of each step. Not only will they create a beautiful decor, but they’ll also help keep your electricity bills low.

LED lights are a discreet option because they blend in with the wall when not in use. But when they’re turned on, they produce a very gentle, whimsical ambiance.

The shadows that the steps cast will create a subtle, beautiful decor as well.

Light up your stairs: a bright baseboard

lighting stairs baseboard

Lighting up baseboards is a classic idea. There is a huge variety of baseboard lights you can find, meaning the perfect one for your home is out there.

  • Try installing various round lights along your stairs. While it’s a pricey project, the final results will be well worth the investment.
  • Or, if you want minimalist stairs, nothing beats using a dim rectangular light source on your risers. They’ll create an alternative decor.

Ecological lights for stairs

lighting stairs ecological

Solar lights are a great, eco-friendly way to light up stairs in your home exterior. Before you install them, make sure that they’ll receive enough sunlight to store plenty for the night.

Solar lights aren’t only an ecological option, but they’re also a great way to create an intimate setting for your summer nights and save money as well.

Lateral lighting

lighting stairs lateral

Another idea to try is integrating lights along the horizontal line of your steps. They’ll help you save space and, more importantly, light up your stairs in a practical and elegant manner. These lights will also work perfectly in a minimalist or contemporary setting.

Lateral lighting adds a little more personality to modern homes.

Light up your stairs: glass lights

lighting stairs glass lights

If you’re looking for something bolder and new, look no further than glass lights. This technology features suspended riser-free steps, creating a more spacious and well-lit setting.

In the case of these modern stairs, lighting is crucial because they create the floating illusion. Thus, visibility is essential. The glass lights won’t only give them a futuristic feel, but they’ll also help you feel safer as you descend your stairs.

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