Using Rice Paper in Home Decor

03 August, 2020
Rice paper has become an aesthetic component that beautifies surfaces. Check it out!

We all want our home to look as original as possible. In order to make this happen, it’s vital to use the most innovative ornamental resources since, as a result, people will be curious and interested in your rooms. Using rice paper in home decor is something out of the ordinary and is a very interesting material.

We’re sure you’ve heard of rice paper, but do you really know what you can do with it? Basically, its use is somewhat unusual since it’s a fine, delicate paper. Despite this, though, it’s resistant to the passage of time, which is why it’s so common in the Asian world.

Aesthetically speaking, rice paper looks great on any decorative object. Its flimsy appearance doesn’t do justice to its strength. However, it can be fragile.

Using rice paper to decorate the walls

A wall decorated with rice paper.

When making a decor piece with rice paper, you must be very clear about what you want to do. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this material. Additionally, it’s essential that you’re aware of the limitations that rice paper can have and how careful you must be with it.

You can use this material to decorate the outside of a box. Choose paper with a printed pattern to match the colors of your room. The first thing you have to do is mix white glue with water. This is what you use to attach the paper. Next, apply the mixture to the surface of the box using a brush.


You can wet the sheet of paper in order to give it a more natural look. It’s important to wipe the surface with a dry cloth so that there’s no water left on it. The next step is to place the paper on the surface of the box. Very important – make sure it’s 100% fixed and straight with no air pockets.

3 decorative resources made with rice paper

Asian-style sliding doors.

As we mentioned earlier, people in Asia tend to use rice paper for home decor. You may be wondering what they use it for. Well, Asians enjoy the fact that this material is opaque. Its translucency filters the access of light, which makes it a great resource in decoration.

  1. First off, we have the typical Chinese cube, spherical or oval lamps. Asian decor shops sell them. Some are of vibrant colors, others are darker, and others have patterns on the surface. Undoubtedly, they create a calm and restful environment.
  2. Sliding panels as a portable wall are very common in China and Japan. In this case, the paper is stretched so that it’s taut and can act as a translucent wall. It looks delicate and provides privacy.
  3. There’s also the option of covering an entire wall with this type of paper. If you want to do this, you’ll require a bare and smooth surface. Then you apply white glue mixed with water to it. Next, you have to fix the paper making sure there are no creases (try not to damage the material!).

Rice paper on glass

Rice paper on glass windows.

Another very interesting idea is to put rice paper on glass. First, you must clean the entire surface, making sure there is no dirt left. Check that it’s in good condition and apply white water-based enamel to the glass.

Cut the paper with scissors to get the shape you want. In order to make sure that it sticks well it’s important that you apply a layer of latex glue or glue mixed with water on top.

After doing this, place the paper on the surface and smooth out any air pockets or creases.

Other interesting ideas

Pattern paper on the surface of a table.

You can use rice paper for many other objects, such as flower pots, pots, vases, doors, etc. The possibilities are endless, you just have to put your imagination to work.

Many artisans use rice paper to decorate wooden furniture. Nightstands, for example, are the most elaborate, mainly because they’re not used as much as tables in the living room or other household furniture.



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