Reusing Tin Cans for DIY Decoration Projects

Because of their shape, tin cans can be interesting decor pieces.
Reusing Tin Cans for DIY Decoration Projects

Last update: 24 March, 2020

Every day, we generate tons of trash. However, many products can be upcycled and given a second life. This article can give you a few ideas on reusing tin cans for DIY decoration projects.

Many materials can be recycled, but let’s focus on tin cans. You can use any type of tin can you like. Whether you’re using colors, sticking fabrics on, or painting patterns, you can give tin cans an amazing new look.

Reusing tin cans as flower pots.

Reusing tin cans for decoration as pencil holders

The cylindrical shape of tin cans is perfect to create pencil holders. You can create pencil holders in many different designs.

Once you have the tin can, the next step is to paint it or line it. How can you do this? It’s as easy as this:

  • Use adhesive paper with a pretty pattern. There are many different patterns to choose from like, for example, geometric figures, stars, plain colors, etc.
  • In case you’re after a more simple and sober look, use paint. Paint the cans with wall paint and see how good it looks. You can also paint them in different colors, one on the inside and another one on the outside, for contrast.

Create original flower pots

Another great project is to use the tin can as a flower pot because it’s wide enough to fill with earth. You should make sure you make some holes at the bottom so water can drain out.

You can decorate the outside of your flower pot, the same way you decorated your pencil holder. Use your imagination and try to give it your personal touch.  A good idea could be to paint each a different color and place them in your yard or garden, so everybody can see your work.

Sometimes, the simplest of things can be the most original.

Reusing tin cans as decoration.

A good way to organize your cutlery

If you’d like to organize your cutlery and make it look good, consider this:

  • Pick a rectangular piece of wood to place your cans on. Fix a handle on it so you can pick it up and place it wherever you want.
  • Next, put the cans on the piece of wood, screw them in place or glue them, so they stay put. This will prevent them from falling over.
  • You can paint them or decorate them any way you want.

Reusing tin cans as candle holders for your garden

Use tin cans to create an original decoration for your garden. This can save you a lot of money because, instead of buying special lamps, you can use tin cans as candle holders.

Make some holes on the outside of the tin can, use geometrical or abstract shapes. The themes are endless, depending on what you like. On the inside, place a candle or lightbulb. This will create a lighting effect that can be seen from afar.

Your garden will have a rustic look to it and you’ll help the environment by using and recycling items.

Reusing tin cans as lamps.

Reusing tin cans as indoor lamps

If you’d like a small but interesting lamp, you could reuse a tin can as a lampshade. Add support on the inside so the can stays in its place. Make some holes in the can so the light shows through, the can is a screening element. This creates a cozy vibe. A lamp like this could also be the perfect DIY gift.