Replacing The Broken Glass In Your Home

Replacing window, door, and table glass isn't expensive, you just have to be clear about want you want to achieve.
Replacing The Broken Glass In Your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

On more than one occasion, you might have possibly encountered an issue with broken glass. For example, a window, a table, a mirror, or any other glass object. Many people (if not most) believe that once a glass object breaks, it’s over. However, it is possible to give them a second chance. In this article, we’ll show you how to how to replace the broken glass of your home the correct way.

Replacing glass equals renovating an item in your home. As we mentioned previously, no house object ever dies, no matter how broken it may be. Believe it or not, you can always give it another chance.

You can turn to recycling in some cases. In this way, you’ll be contributing to the environment and avoiding the excessive production of garbage.

Furthermore, there are always two possibilities when finding broken glass in the home. On one hand, you might think it’s completely useless and replace it and that’s it. On the other, you might think it can be reused in some way. There’s always an alternative to replace broken glass and give it a new purpose. Of course, you must repair it properly.

Replacing broken glass in old windows

Broken crystal.

Imagine that you’re in front of a window that’s completely deteriorated. For that reason, you decide to remove it to put a new one in. In this case, the first thing you must do is carefully remove the glass and see if you can use it for something else.

Let’s imagine that it’s completely useless. Then, you must leave the frame completely free of glass to avoid an accident. Only before carrying this out should you install the new glass. As a safety measure, we recommend you wear protective glasses to avoid damage to the eyes.

Furthermore, there are two products you can use to help adhere the glass to the frame. One option is silicone, which is easy to apply and guarantees an excellent result. Another is using a special putty with glue where you put it in the frame yourself.

How to change the glass on a framed table

Pieces of broken glass on a wooden table.

You may have a wooden framed glass table at home. If the glass has broken and you want to replace it, you’ll have no other choice but to disassemble the table given that everything’s fitted and fixed.

  • First of all, you must dismantle the wood and completely remove any glass that may have been left inside. At the same time, you can take advantage of the situation to clean the wood and even paint and varnish it.
  • Once you’ve removed the glass, it’s time to put the new glass in. The new glass must have dimensions that fit the frame. Additionally, it must be thick enough to fit perfectly into the grooves.
  • To improve adherence, you can apply a little glue at the corners as well as inside. In this way, the glass will stay in place.
  • Of course, the glue must be left to dry. Once you’ve checked that it’s properly fixed, then it’s time to place a board on the table and check its ability to support weight.

Reusing broken glass

A table decorated with a crystal puzzle.

If a large mirror or any other glass object has broken into many pieces, no need to panic. You can reuse the glass and give one of your tables an innovative and original, aesthetically pleasing look.

To do this, you’ll need a table with a smooth surface on which you can glue of pieces of broken glass. You just have to put glue on the back of them and stick them to a board. The idea is for it to look like a crystal puzzle to give the home an original vibe.

Finally, you can apply adhesive cement to fill the spaces in between the pieces. Then you can place another piece of transparent glass on top or simply leave it as it is.