Recycle Objects you're not Using for Decoration

You don't need to throw away things you're not using. You can give objects a second life as decoration.
Recycle Objects you're not Using for Decoration

Last update: 13 December, 2018

We’re always throwing stuff away: packaging, objects, clothing, etc. The amount of garbage we generate on a daily basis becomes enormous. We don’t realize how much we are damaging the planet. This is why we’ll give you tips on how to recycle objects you’re not using.

There are some things you can’t recycle. Objects that are broken or destroyed usually can’t be recycled for decoration. On the other hand, there are other things that have many useful possibilities.

From a cardboard box, a container, some fabric, an old radio, a CD, etc. Any object can be given a second life as decor. These can also bring an interesting aesthetic into the home.

The importance of recycling

As we’ve mentioned, we generate thousands of tons of garbage daily. In fact, much of this trash ends up in the ocean. Little by little, we are destroying our planet.

Recycle objects to bring new life into your home.

Consumerism and wealth mean that sometimes we don’t think about the environment. Selfishly, we don’t take future generations into account.

However, it’s time to stop and reconsider. Keep in mind: if you can recycle objects, why would you throw them away? In your home, you can give elements a new use.

Resources made with recycled materials

Next, we’ll take a look a ways to recycle objects. Once they aren’t able to serve their original function, you can give them a second life through decoration. Here are some ideas:

  • Shelves made from boxes: Either using wood or cardboard, they can be sanded down, varnished, or painted. From there, you can either stack them on the floor or hang them.
  • Pots for plants: glass or metal jars, plastic bottles, rubber boots, or any object that can become a container can be used as a planter.
  • Decoration with bottle caps or corks: both corks and plastic bottle caps can be used to make decorative wall panels to put up on the wall. Colored caps can be used to play with colors.
  • Pencil holders: there are multiple ways to create a beautiful pencil holder, from recycling an old tin can to putting together several objects you’re not using. Turn them into a square or geometric shape and use them as a container for pens and pencils.
  • Chairs from old tires: an interesting way to make a garden chair, use an old tire. Put a circular board on top and attach legs.
  • Wooden pallets: You can recycle these in many ways, from a bed to a table to a bookshelf. Let your imagination go and see what comes to mind!
Recycle objects like jars to bring beauty into your home.

Creating lamps

Whether a table lamp or one hung on the wall, there are many lamps that recycle objects to fit into your home decor. Here are some examples:

  • A table lamp made with old cassette tapes. Because they are rectangular, you can put them together to create a lampshade. With a light bulb inside, this will give off a very interesting light.
  • With clothespins: arrange the clothespins together in a circular way so they build on top of each other, creating a cylindrical lampshade.
  • Glass or plastic: using bottles of the same style, preferably tinted, place a light bulb inside. You can create beautiful lighting for any space.


To make a table, you can recycle objects to give your home an original touch. In the end, decorating with recycled materials is about being creative.

  • Two tires with a flat surface on top, either wood or glass. Lighten up the dark color of the tire by painting them an exciting, bright color.
  • Use a part of a door and add four legs for a small table.  If you want a bigger, dining room table, use the whole door.
Recycle objects such as doors to make larger pieces of furniture.

Recycle objects to make a headboard

One interesting project is to recycle objects to create a headboard. For example, you could use old books. Attach them to the wall, either open or closed.

Another option is to use wooden pallets, old wood, or even an old door. This can create a beautiful, rustic decor.

The important thing is to not lose your creativity. Look for originality and things that make you feel good. Always try to recycle objects when you can, instead of throwing them away.

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