4 Ideas to Decorate with Corks from Wine Bottles

Cork is a natural material that's very easy to work on. You can create original accessories as a feature for your home. Find out how to decorate with corks by reading on!
4 Ideas to Decorate with Corks from Wine Bottles

Last update: 08 December, 2018

Many people decide to collect the corks from wine bottles without any idea of what to do with them. In the beginning, they just collect a few. But once they have a great quantity, they start to wonder what they should do with them. Here’s how to decorate with corks.

Despite the fact that corks from wine bottles are often found as decor accessories in places such as bars and clubs, they can also be used in the home.

Corks from wine bottles have an elongated cylindrical shape that can easily be used in various ways. Below, we’ll show you some tricks with corks, and also some very original ideas to decorate with corks from wine bottles.

How can you use corks at home?

To be able to create different craft projects with corks, sometimes it’s necessary to cut them in lengths or slices of different thicknesses. And, there is a simple process you should be sure to follow first, before trying to cut the corks.

You could create cup coasters or placemats to decorate with corks

This consists of leaving the corks to soak in hot water for a little while. The water should be boiling. Then, once it’s cooled down you should take the corks out and leave them to drain for a minute. Then you can cut them with a knife. Soaking the corks will soften them so that the knife will slide right through the cork.

It’s fitting to point out that, no matter what  type of cork you use, it’s always necessary to soften it first. Having said that, the difference between the different types of cork can be found in their elasticity and how they are put together.

Agglomerate corks (that come in cheaper wine bottles) are the easiest to collect. It’s also possible to find synthetic corks, high quality compressed cork, regular cork, and natural cork.

How can you decorate with corks?

The amount of projects and crafts you can create with wine corks is really only limited by your creativity. Here you will find some ideas that you can use as a model of inspiration to reinvent or to create new ideas. Everything will depend on how creative you are.

1. Cork curtain

Instead of resorting to traditional paneled doors, folding screens or plastic or fabric curtains to separate different areas of the home, why not create a curtain made out of corks? Since cork is a very lightweight material, you could  easily  hang a cork curtain on a chain.

You could create a colorful curtain to decorate with corks

Some people opt for making their cork curtains using all the same type of corks. The result is a curtain that’s more uniform in color. Others, however, go for painting the corks with acrylic paint in different colors. This way they achieve a look that’s much more bright and original.

2. Mini gardens with liveforevers

Once you’ve soaked your corks, instead of cutting them in round slices, use a pocket knife or other tool to make a deep hole. Make sure you don’t cut through the other end. Then you can put a little soil in and a small plant.

Cork is an excellent material to use for growing plants such as succulents, liveforever plants (also known as sempervivum or houseleeks), cacti and other plants since it absorbs excess humidity and doesn’t keep the soil too damp. Decorate with corks by using plants to give your home a natural touch.

Corks can be an excellent plant holder. Why not try using succulents as a way to decorate with corks?

3. Maps

With several corks, whole or cut into shorter round slices, you could create the outline of a map. The map could be of a country, a continent, or even a complete world map. You can even create maps of fantasy lands or invented lands. Use your imagination!

One option is to fill in the whole mapped land with corks. Or another choice is to just create the How can you make sure your cork map really stands out? You should place it on a surface that will provide a contrast. Here are some ideas: newspaper, canvas, cardboard, fabric, glass, etc.

4. Various figures

Instead of creating the outline of lands for a map, you could decorate with corks by creating figures of animals or other items. These could be things such as a Christmas reindeer, a turtle, a horse, trees, hearts, stars, the moon, trains, letters or words. And, the same as with the cork curtains, you could leave the cork in its natural state or paint it with acrylic paint.

To decorate with corks you could create some figures of animals or other things

You could create flat figures and place them inside a picture frame, or create groups of sculptures, in different sizes. The smallest ones could be placed on your shelves for example, to create a unique decorative item.

Other decorative objects

Aside from the few ideas mentioned above, you could create different types of accessories using corks. Think rugs, pouffes, armchairs, cushions, lamp shades, seat covers, pen holders, table cloths, key holders and many more. The possibilities are endless.