Ideas for Hiding Cords for a Beautiful Living Room

Solutions and ideas to keep cords from ruining your home decor.
Ideas for Hiding Cords for a Beautiful Living Room

Last update: 05 October, 2018

Without a doubt, cords look messy and ruin spaces, especially the living room. Living rooms tend to be where so many cords end up tangled together. They might be router, television, lamp or speaker cords.

We can solve this by strategically placing a piece of furniture, or something else, to hide the cords. However, sometimes there’s nothing we can do but leave cords out in the open.

In today’s post, we’ll give you some solutions to hide cords so that they don’t ruin your home decor.

Cord covers

A cord cover is a electrical duct or tube that protects electric cords and helps to channel electrical installation. This means that cords are protected as well as hidden.

There are many types of cable ducts available and your selection should depend on where you’re planning to install it. There are floor cord covers, which are used for floor installments, meaning that they can be stepped on. Another sort is an adhesive cord cover. Adhesive covers are smaller and include an adhesive patch that allow you to stick them onto a surface.

Lastly, there are also  mini wooden adhesive cord covers. These come in different colors and textures that imitate natural wood. They look great in homes where details don’t go unnoticed.

For living rooms, you can gather the television cables into a cover for a more organized look. If you decide to put  them on the floor or wall, make sure that you buy a color that’s similar to your living room furniture to help the cover blend in easily. What we don’t want is a cord cover that stands out.

cable cover

Specially-designed furniture

Another practical solution is having furniture specially made to hide cords. However, if you do decide to go this route, you need to measure everything correctly and plan out the best furniture option to hide cords.

There are some options that even have their own built-in compartments to hide cords.

Some companies sell models that can store televisions. However, these are one of the more expensive solutions.

Decorative box for cords

Another, much more low-cost, idea is making your own box for hiding cords. The only thing that you’ll need to do is poke some holes into it to feed cords through and then, decorate it however you’d wish. In the inside of the box, you can put in an extension cord to cover all your outlet needs.

These boxes, aside from hiding cords and keeping all of them organized, can become another decorative element for your home.

You can be creative and use any box that you’d like; it could be a shoe box or even a wooden one.

Taking advantage of a popular trend, a great option is using a wicker box. Making holes in wicker is easy and the material will give a chic look to your living room.

Cable boxes

Using a box

If you have a drawer next to where all of the cords are, a great idea is using the drawer to hide them all.

It’s a really practical option because it allows you to store all your cords out of sight without needing any kind of box or cover.

Use a wall trim

A wall trim can offer many solutions. You might ask yourself, but how? Well, if your outlets are far from the device or item, you can stick the cords onto the trim to keep it out of the way and off the floor.

If you’re creative, you can decorate you can decorate outlets however you like. For example, you could attach papier mache hydraulic tiles to imitate real ones, a row of wine corks, a mini garden fence or even fun characters for kids’ bedrooms.

We can also use wall paper to draw attention away from the cords.

To make sure that the cords are organized nice and straight, you can mark out their path with pins or paper clips.

Use them as a decoration

In the game of life, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. In the world of decoration, it’s the same story. If we can’t hide certain cords, use them as a decorative element. There are lots of ways to convert them into the star piece in a given space.

Decorate the cords

If there’s absolutely no way to hide the cords, we can dress them up in various ways.

One option is by painting them with a paint that doesn’t ruin the cord, of course. We can also cover them with washi tape.

Another idea that might work better is wrapping the cords with twine or rope. This idea will really give off a chic look.

Cord twine

Add decorative elements

We can add external decorative elements to cords such as decorative stickers or figurines that match the decor, such as flowers or birds.

Another option is adorning the cord itself with tassels that are made of different materials, like one with beads, for example.

If you’re good at free-style painting, you can paint decorative designs, such as flower petals, leaves or abstract images, on the wall around the cord. It’s only a question of creativity.

Create different outlines

Without question, this is the most original and creative idea on our list.

If your cords are long and you don’t know where to store them or where you can hide them, try creating an image or outline with the cords themselves. You can map them out with paper clips, clamps or sticky tape.

Let your imagination soar. Let your wall be a canvas for your cables. You can make a racetrack, railroads or even the skyline of your favorite city.

These ideas can help you think of ways to hide or draw the eye away from your living room cords that are, we’re sure, more than a fair few.

Dare to try any of our ideas?