How to Make a Mural with all your Family Members

Are you a lover of memories and photographs? In this article we'll offer some original ideas to decorate your home with a mural of family photos.
How to Make a Mural with all your Family Members

Last update: 26 November, 2018

Making a mural with your family photos can create an interesting and special space in your home. These photographs serve as frozen memories that we keep as mementos of special times. Why not take them out of dusty photo boxes and create some wonderful memories?

Here are some original ideas to make a mural with your family photos.


Mural with your black and white photos

If you already have black and white photographs of different sizes and themes you can create an interesting mural. Otherwise, you can digitize the pictures you already have, edit them in black and white, and print them in whatever size you want.

The fun thing about creating a mural with your black and white photos will be choosing a wall where you’ll display your photographs. You could put them in a hall in your home that may be currently empty and which you’re not sure how to decorate.

This area needs to have plenty of daylight since the images are in black and white. If you choose a poorly lit space no one will see your beautiful pictures.

black and white mural

You can take a portion of the wall or the whole wall and use the entire space from the ceiling to the baseboards. The way you position the photos will depend on how many photos you want to use. After choosing the wall you want to put your mural on, test out the positioning by using a temporary adhesive to put the pictures on the wall.

Remember where you want to hang each photo. Create a layout and try to cover the entire wall. The beauty of this type of mural is that the photographs complement one another by being so close in proximity. Once you’ve studied your layout and decided on exactly what you want, take a picture to use as a guide so that you don’t forget the positions on the wall.

Now you can proceed to hang your photos and creating a beautiful mural with family photos in black and white.

Mural with Polaroid pictures

Another great idea is to assemble a mural with your family photos in a Polaroid style. If you have a Polaroid camera or images already taken with one, put them together to make a mural. If you don’t have a Polaroid camera you can choose scanned images and print them in a Polaroid format. This type of picture will give a vintage look to your home. 

There are several different ways to create murals with Polaroid photos. We’ll give you some fun ideas.

Create a linear mural with Polaroid photos

Choose a wall of your house that’s empty and doesn’t have any pictures. It’s ideal is to choose a long wall, such as a hallway. Place your Polaroid photos in a line in a horizontal direction along the entire wall. If you prefer you can do the same but vertically. Leave the same distance between each photo, and that’s it! You’ll have a beautiful gallery of family images in your home.

Make a clothesline of Polaroid photos

This idea is as original as it is beautiful. Get some fine wire and some brooches or clips that go with your home’s style. You can find small clothespins in bookstores, or hooks at a craft store.

Make a hole at both ends of the wall. Add two small screws or nails to each end. These will serve as supports for the wire. Tie the wire from end to end and proceed to hang your Polaroid images like clothes on a clothesline. The end result is super cute and original. 

polaroid photos

Mural with your photos superimposed

An interesting alternative is to create a mural with your photos in a more deconstructed style. You can do this by superimposing one on top of the other. The idea of this style of mural is to create a collage on your wall.

Mural with large images

This type of mural with large images is ideal for a more intimate corner of your home. For example, you can put it on a wall next to stairs or in hallways that lead to bedrooms.

If you don’t have large images you can scan them and send them to a print shop or photocopy them in the size you want. You can choose specific photo frames for them. Of, if you don’t like how that looks you can attach them directly to the wall.

As you can see, there are many different ways of creating a mural with your family photos. Simply choose the right space within your home and select the photographs that you like the most. This is a lovely way to decorate your home and remember your family every day. 

The memories, the anecdotes, the colors, those that have left this world. The marriage of your parents, your first birthday, and many more memories will be represented in beautiful images. Doing this activity can also be fun and a way to spend time with your family.