Choosing a Handrail For Your Staircase

Here we'll give you some tips and ideas to pick the most appropriate handrail for your staircase in your home.
Choosing a Handrail For Your Staircase

Last update: 31 October, 2018

A home is made up of many details, from the doorknobs to the handrail of the staircase. The latter are an essential part of our home, and therefore we have to choose them correctly and according to our home’s style.

There are many materials that you can match with a staircase. Think about using steel, glass, wrought iron, and wood. They’re perfect for railings.

Here are some tips and ideas for choosing the best railing for your home’s staircase.

Tips to choose your stairwell’s handrail

We should use our stairwell’s handrail so that it fits perfectly into our space. We have to make sure that it goes with what we already have in our home.

If our house is more modern, the materials that you should think about are steel and glass. If on the other hand, we want to give our home a more classic touch, wood is undoubtedly the material that would work the best.

For smaller spaces, a very good option is to install a spiral staircase. Although you may think about having straight stairs, it may not be the best idea if you don’t have a lot of room for a staircase.

If you have a larger space, you can pick stairs that are L-shaped or are even made up of several sections with different landings.

For people with small children, the thing that you should be most concerned about is safety. You’ll have to choose quality materials that can withstand kicks and scratches. You don’t want your staircase to have sharp edges or for it to have big holes for little kids to fall through. In this case, you may have to put design to the side and invest more in security and comfort.

Types of stairs depending on the material


Stairs with glass railings are really special. They allow light to pass through, which provides more spaciousness in your space. 

This type of handrail brings a sense of neatness and cleanliness to the way your home looks. In addition, it gives a touch of elegance and distinction to the room.

These types of stairs have become more popular recently because you can build and design them yourself to fit your needs. They can have different designs and shapes.

Undoubtedly, glass railings combine perfectly with very modern and avant-garde styles. 

glass staircase

Classic wood

A wooden handrail is the most classic option. Wood brings a sense of finesse and elegance into an environment.

Depending on the type of wood you choose, it can have a more modern finish. It can be more minimalist or provide a more classic feel.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron railings provide the widest range of possibilities. You can use this type of handrail in a thousand ways and forms. You just have to use a little imagination and good taste.

They go perfectly with boho and classic styles. Above all, they’re great if you want your staircase to take the leading role in your home. In addition, you can integrate a wrought iron staircase with different materials such as wood or metal.

A negative point when it comes to this type of railing is its high price. The material and the amount of work it takes to install these railings increases its cost and the staircase’s value.

wrought iron staircase

Steel or metal

This type of material is super trendy when it comes to staircase railings. They’re especially popular in very modern places that aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes to decor.

These are a great option in industrial, urban, and carefree styles.

Steel is a tremendously durable material that provides a refined and cosmopolitan touch to the environment.

Steel cables are one of the elements that you’ll most frequently find in stairs. They let in much light, especially if the stairs are located in a central location of the house.

Different forms of stairs

With walls

Stairs with railings in the form of walls provide a modern touch to any room. In addition, these are ideal if you have small children as they provide security while also adding an embellishment to the environment.

These are light and discreet, and they also provide width to the space.

Railings with bars

This design in the form of a “cage” adds some originality to the house as well as a vertical feeling. 

This is ideal for houses that have large spaces and for people who don’t mind taking risks, decoratively speaking. Railings with bars are without a doubt one of the most trending options right now.

handrail with bars

Geometric style

Handrails with geometric shapes add a minimalist and light touch. They work perfectly in simplistic and modern style homes.

In addition, the outline of geometric shapes provides lightness and delicacy into any space.

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