Going Beyond Traditional Ideas: Original Flower Vases

Using traditional vases for flowers is old news. Discover new practical, original and economical ways to decorate with flowers.
Going Beyond Traditional Ideas: Original Flower Vases

Last update: 28 January, 2021

People have always used vases to hold beautiful, bright flowers in their homes. But vases break all too easily. Bid traditional vases farewell and say hello to original flower vases.

These days, decor ideas are taking new and original turns. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a list of things you can use as an original vase for your flowers.

They’ll decorate your home in a unique, practical and economical way. You’ll probably have most of these objects laying around at home.

1. Glass bottles

original vase glass bottle

How many glass bottles does your home go through in a week? The number might surprise you. But most of the time, once these bottles are empty, they wind up in the recycling bin.

If you want to give them a second life and create original decor at the same time, glass bottles can actually make great vases for your flowers.

More often than not, the opening of a bottle is narrower, which makes it perfect to hold a single flower. Or, you can fill your bottle with colorful sand halfway and add a beautiful artificial flower.

The latter idea will save you time and effort while creating an original decor element for your home.

2. Rain boots, some of the most original flower vases around

Original flower vases rain boots

Rain boots are hands down some of the most original and economical ideas for flower vases. If you have a pair of rain boots that you don’t use anymore, give them a second chance and use them as a vase.

Rain boot vases will look great on a patio or in a garden, adding a special detail to the decor. If your boots have a pattern, try to find flowers that match the colors.

Because they’re waterproof and made precisely for rainy days, your rain boots won’t suffer at all from the rain.

3. Wicker baskets

original flower vase wicker basket

Wicker baskets are also an awesome idea for an original flower vase. You can even add fallen leaves to them as well to give your flowers a more natural look.

You only need to use a sponge to keep your flowers anchored in the basket. Fit their stems into the sponge and they’ll stay in place.

4. Use a watering can as an original vase

original flower vase watering can

Using a watering can as a flower vase will definitely turn heads. However, they will deteriorate over time and you’ll have to purchase a new one.

If you’re into crafts, redecorate your watering can however you want and use it as a decorative flower vase.

Just like we mentioned for the rain boots, match the colors of the can with your flowers to create a beautiful set.

5. Tin cans

DIY allows any object to have a second life, and soup or vegetable cans aren’t an exception.

Once empty, you can use tin cans as flower vases. Their size actually makes them a great vase to fill with earth and manage easily.

Use the same kind of can to create several new vases. You won’t have to decorate them because using the same kind of can will make a nice pattern. Or, if you love crafts, feel free to totally personalize your can and turn it into a family craft if you have kids who love getting creative, too.

6. Old dishware

original flower vase dishes

Somehow, sets of dishware pile up in our homes and take up space. If you don’t want to throw them out and would rather give them a new purpose, use them to make decorative flower holders.

They’ll be perfect table centerpieces for your dining or living room when you have company. Or, you can use the cups, and even soup bowls, to fashion a small floral vase.

But remember that if your dishware has patterns, match the colors with your flowers to create a beautifully balanced decor for your home.

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