Get Your Whole Family to Decorate Together

Follow our 4 tips to round your family up and decorate together!
Get Your Whole Family to Decorate Together

Last update: 03 July, 2020

Decorating your home is a huge job. In most homes, the responsibility often falls on just one member. It can be overwhelming and convert the excitement into stress. Turning decorating into a family activity instead can be a great solution.

Getting everyone to participate might sound impossible for all kinds of reasons: different preferences, ages, availability, decor knowledge, etc.

But finding the middle ground where every family member can have their creative freedom is what you want to aim for. In our post today, we’re going to show you 4 great ideas to bring everyone together.

1. Learn everyone’s decor preferences

The first step of planning home decor together as a family is learning everyone’s decor preferences. Communication plays a key role here.

One way to learn everyone’s personal tastes is to browse ideas as a family. Try calling a family meeting to talk about different decor styles and resources. Make sure that everyone feels like they have a role in deciding the home decor.

In this first step, listening to everyone’s opinion is crucial, even those of your little ones. Children actually develop their personality from a very early age and a great way to help them express it is through decor.

2. Frame your children’s artwork

family decorate artwork

Children can express their personality through art, such as drawings or crafts. A great idea could be using your children’s best artwork as home decor.

Frame their masterpieces and showcase them with pride.

Use them as another decor element and make sure they match with the rest of your decor. You could create original compositions with drawings set in a beautiful frame that matches with the rest of the setting.

Your children’s artwork won’t just add color to your home; using them in the decor will also conserve their creations even as they grow up. In addition, they’ll be encouraged to try out their art skills.

3. Painting as a family

family decorate painting

Once you’ve all decided on a decor style for your home, divide up the work. Remember that everyone has different abilities and limitations. But with good organization, there won’t be any problems.

  • If you want to paint a room together, such as the dining room or kitchen, everyone should have a say in the color. Everyone is working together for a new look.
  • But if you’re planning to paint your children’s rooms, their opinion should be the last word. Their preferences mean everything for their rooms. Your children can even help with the painting as long as they’re old enough.

4. Incorporate little family memories in your decor

family details

As we move through life, we acquire more personal belongings that, though not always necessarily decorative, help define who we are.

An interesting way to reflect who your family is through home decor is by using the personal memories of each member.

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