DIY Christmas Decorations to Make on a Rainy Day

These DIY Christmas decorations are ideal to make as a family and decorate your home with a different and personal style.
DIY Christmas Decorations to Make on a Rainy Day

Last update: 21 December, 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and you’re surely looking forward to transforming your home into a cozy, warm and festive place. So, we want to bring out your inner artist and encourage you to make some DIY Christmas decorations.

Besides the fact that you’ll be able to spend a pleasant and relaxing time putting your craft skills into practice, you’ll also give your home a  personal touch. Get out the scissors, glue, and paints and get to work.

Some DIY Christmas decorations to do with your family

Some materials for Christmas crafts.

The days are already getting shorter and rainy afternoons make you want to stay at home. So, if you have children, planning a crafts day can be the perfect distraction for everyone.

Letting your little ones use their imagination and test their dexterity with their hands is a good exercise for their autonomy, self-esteem and creativity. Below you’ll find some ideas to create a Christmas tailored to your home.

A Santa Claus made of EVA foam

This DIY Christmas decoration is ideal for hanging on the tree and all you’ll need is an old CD, a ribbon, scissors, glue and EVA foam. We suggest you draw the molds to cut the pieces more accurately, you can download a figure of Santa Claus from the internet, or you can draw it yourself.

Cut two EVA foam circles with the shape and size of the CDs and glue them on both sides. Then, add a piece of string at one end to hang it up. On this base you’ll stick the Santa Claus.

First the oval of the face, then the beard and the mustache, and finally the nose. Add the hat and paint the eyes on with a marker. Ready! Now you can make other figures like reindeer, trees, gingerbread men, etc…

DIY Christmas decorations – a Christmas garland

This is one of the simplest crafts that there is. All you need is tape or a piece of string that you like, a piece of cardboard, scissors, glue and paint.

Cut out various shapes, like a few stars. Paint them and let the children add glitter. Once they’re dry, stick them on the string and let your little ones choose where to hang them.

Some reindeer made from pinecones are some DIY Christmas decorations.

Pine cones and pom poms

This idea is especially colorful and original. You’ll need some pine cones, so if you live near a forest, you can go on a family outing with the children and collect some. However, try not to pick the ones that are broken or too open.

Buy small colored pom poms and stick them in the middle of the scales with hot silicone, so they don’t fall off. This step is best done by an adult. Tie to a piece of string so you can hang it from the tree. You’ll have some beautiful decorations that replace the classic Christmas ornaments.

Recycled candles

If you’re committed to sustainability and to giving everything you can a second life, save all those glass jars you keep in the pantry and turn them into candleholders. You’ll need rope, burlap, newspaper, ribbons, some molds with winter motifs… whatever you have at home.

Let your creativity go and cover the jars with paper or string, stick stars on them, or paint them gold. Then insert a tea light into each one and create a beautiful centerpiece.

These are just some of the DIY Christmas decorations you can make. However, on the Internet you’ll find hundreds of nice, easy, and fun ideas to make alone or with the little ones.

You’ll create a unique and festive atmosphere, away from the typical green and red of every year. If you also bake some delicious cookies for snacking while you do crafts, the afternoon will be perfect.