Decorate the Outside of your Fish Tank with Pebbles

Find out some creative new ways to decorate the outside of your fish tank with small pebbles. You'll love it!
Decorate the Outside of your Fish Tank with Pebbles

Last update: 18 November, 2018

Dare to be different. Decorate your fish tank with pebbles around the outside.

As you’ve probably seen, containers such as crystal bowls or fish tanks are excellent choices to use to add a special touch your decor. When considering using an aquarium remember that apart from its main purpose as a fish tank, it could also just be a decorative item.

Although tanks and bowls are primarily for keeping fish, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be pretty as well. You just need to know how to combine both functions, which isn’t really that hard. But remember, you must always keep your fish tank clean for it to be a decorative item.

When you want to decorate your fish tank and/or get it ready for the fish, you usually use different size pebbles. However, normally the pebbles are all placed inside the tank itself. So, arranging pebbles around the outside of the tank is an original option that, without doubt, will give you a unique fish tank.

In the following article, you’ll find some ideas that we hope will inspire you when decorating your aquarium.

Decorate your fish tank with pebbles outside your home


Decorate the outside of your fish tank with pebbles

When you think about where to locate your fish tank or aquarium, the first thing that often comes to mind are those typical round glass bowls that you have inside sitting on the table. However, there are also authentic fish tanks (not ponds) that you can install outside.

Having your tank outdoors will make the job of decorating the outside of your fish tank with pebbles easier. You won’t need to worry about little stones and pebbles falling on the floor.

To decorate your fish tank with pebbles, the first thing you need to do is to look for a certain similarity of style to the decor of your house. We recommend that you completely surround the perimeter of the fish tank with pebbles. By doing this, you’ll create a continuous decorative border.

Choose pebbles of just one color or size or all different colors. If you have the patience, you could create geometric motifs or even drawings. But remember that since it’s out in the garden, the wind or rain might make the pebbles move around a bit and spoil your designs.

Another possibility could be to place small decorative plates or much smaller fish tanks around the primary tank. You could arrange the pebbles in these. You could put mixed pebbles or pebbles of just one color in each container.

Aquariums inside your home

If you want to have an aquarium inside your home, you should think carefully about where to put it. If you want to decorate your fish tank with pebbles, make sure it’s in a place where the pebbles you place around the tank won’t hurt anyone.

You could choose a small table or the shelf of a dresser, for example. The most complicated part is making sure the pebbles don’t continually fall on the floor.

To achieve this, you could opt for a side table with a small rim. Put the tank in the middle of the table and place the pebbles around the edges. Try gluing down the pebbles closest to the edge of the table, so they won’t come loose and fall.

If you don’t want a table with a rim, you could use a tray. If you want to organize the pebbles by color, you could use dividers, to keep the colors from mixing together. You could also use the pebbles to create geometric figures (circles, spirals) or words… love, welcome… Since the fish tank is inside, there isn’t much chance of the pebbles moving around.

If you are a DIY fan you could even paint small stones. For example, write a letter or number on each one, to make words or phrases. You could also paint them to look like an animal, such as a ladybug.

Think about where to locate your fish tank inside your home

One last thing. You could also copy one of the ideas above in your garden, just choose smaller containers. Place them around the outside of your main fish tank, with pebbles inside each one. You could combine them with bigger stones or rocks, plants, sea shells, or even small strings of fairy lights.

An original fish tank

With these ideas, you can make your fish tank with pebbles a unique feature of your decor. Leave the traditional for a fresh approach. With a little care and planning, you can create a pleasant and cozy corner with your fish tank with pebbles.