Bulletin Boards to Suit Every Office Need

Today we'll show you the various bulletin boards you can incorporate into your office.
Bulletin Boards to Suit Every Office Need

Last update: 09 November, 2019

Are you looking for original and cool bulletin boards? In today’s article, you’ll learn about the many styles of office boards out there on the market. This is great because you can select a design according to the current look and colors of your room.

Boards are practical and necessary in any office because they help you organize, announce and schedule any upcoming events. Here are some bulletin board designs that you might want to have in your office.

Office bulletin boards

Two people working at an office.

Currently, you can find a wide variety of whiteboards for offices. There are different sizes, colors, and materials. In addition, the methods for writing on them have been increasingly simplified and the design is accompanied by the latest technology materials.

You can find blackboards to fix to the wall. These come as a panel, in small, large and very different materials. Choose the one that best suits your needs and aesthetic tastes.

Glass bulletin boards

A man writing on a glass bulletin board.

Glass boards are currently the most fashionable. The possibilities when it comes to designs and styles are endless due to the fact that they’re made of strong material. In addition, you can find glass sheets in many different colors; ranging from transparent to black, white, light blue, green, etc.

This style of board allows you to use water-based glass markers for writing on them. Obviously, this means you can easily erase anything you write with a cloth and change it at any time. There are also magnetic glass boards on which you can stick notes with the help of small magnets.


A man sketching on a bulletin board during a presentation.

Boards you can hang on a wall are also popular because you can have them next to a desk or on the main wall of your office. Another great alternative is to mount a transparent glass sheet on a bright colored wall. This way, you can camouflage it if you wish to keep it out of sight.

Wheeled board

Likewise, there’s a rather interesting design that comes with wheels. These have rounded edges and because they use the latest in technology are also quite practical and beautiful. So, in addition to fulfilling their main function, you can also use them as separators around your office. There are in fact large boards in this style that have this dual function. The great thing is you can move them around according to your needs thanks to the wheeled base.

Slate bulletin boards

A blacked out wall.

Slate boards remain trendy. These come in many different styles and sizes and you can definitely use them as bulletin boards in your office. One of the latest improvements is now you can buy erasable chalk markers that look just like the old chalk.

The main difference is that the markers are more precise and also less messy because they don’t generate chalk dust.

Slate boards are also highly decorative. If you want to add a nice and original detail to your workspaces, then opt for one of these.

Additionally, you can find slate boards in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For example, there are rectangular, square, circular and even organic shapes. Also, some have a wooden frame and some don’t. As you can see, you can find the one that’s perfect for you.

An office with a black wall.

To conclude,  there are many more varieties of bulletin boards for your office. Many of which are made with beautiful materials and are quite original and different from each other. It’s important that you can choose the board that best suits your needs and the look of your office.

So, figure out if you need a small, medium or a large one keeping all the possibilities and your budget in mind. All of the boards mentioned above are long-lasting. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to write down notes on a beautiful bulletin board?

Thanks for reading.

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