Boho Chic Ideas for Your Wedding Decor

Meet the boho chic style. Here are some ideas to decorate your wedding venue with its beautiful details.
Boho Chic Ideas for Your Wedding Decor

Last update: 06 June, 2023

There are many boho-chic ideas for this romantic decor style that’s perfect for your wedding. It’s all about the placement of elements and details that will embellish every corner.

Here are some boho chic ideas you can apply to your wedding venue. In addition, it’s important that you mix and match every element and follow the same design concept and the same range of colors.

Today we’ll show you the kinds of floral arrangements you can incorporate as well as centerpieces and other decor details. All so you can celebrate a beautiful indoor or outdoor boho chic wedding.

Boho chic ideas for your wedding

These boho chic ideas are quite simple. Furthermore, if you wish, you could even do them yourself with just a few materials.

Candlesticks and jars or sacks with flowers are a great alternative for exterior wedding decor. For instance, flower arrangements made with glass jars and flowers could hang from trees at various heights. Additionally, you could add sand and candles to some of them. You can also place them on your tables.

As you can see, you’ll have a highly original composition of flowers and candles with a romantic flair and the essential warmth that this important event calls for.

Light garlands

Light garlands are another option when it comes to the boho chic style. You can string some warm-toned light bulbs on a jute rope. If you follow the same style as your candlesticks and jar-vases then you’ll easily accentuate the romantic air of the venue.

Boho chic table decor

Boho chic table arrangements.

Table decor is essential for any wedding celebration so take note of these boho chic ideas to properly set your tables in style.

For instance, you can use a set of crafted vintage plates – the kind that have silver and gold edges. Complement this with matching cutlery. You can also add some colored glasses and if you can match them to the rest of the elements you’ll use for your wedding decor.


Centerpieces are another fundamental alternative for the decor of your wedding tables. So, to give them that boho chic look, just use a wooden box with many flowers inside. Make sure that the box isn’t too deep and you could even paint it off-white and then distress it.

And, in addition, you could have floral arrangements in many different colors. You’ll see how original your table will be with this combination of romantic and bohemian elements.

Another thing that’s widely used in boho chic wedding centerpieces is caged flowers. This idea fills a white birdcage with flowers.

Decorated chairs

Decorated chairs.

To finish completing the decoration of your tables you could add small flower arrangements on the backrests of your chairs. Also, if you want to add even more detail, add several delicate ribbons of different tones but in the same color range. For example: if you choose violet, you could use purple, violet, and lilac ribbons.


Choose the colors that you like best for the general decoration of your wedding. Follow the same style and color range as much as you can. The most common color combinations for boho chic weddings are:

  • Pastel pink and green.
  • White, green and salmon.
  • Pastel pink, off-white, salmon and green.

Choose the colors with which you best identify and create vintage-looking romantic spaces.

As you can see, you can integrate all the decor elements we mentioned above to instill a boho chic atmosphere into your wedding environment. It’s important that you feel comfortable with all the elements and colors you choose.

Your wedding will be a unique, special, and important event for you and your other half. Keep in mind that you can craft most of these ideas yourself with only a few materials. The best part is you’ll save money! So, get ready to enjoy your wedding in this romantic style.

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