Baby Showers: Fun and Cute Theme Ideas

Are you looking for themes for a baby shore? In our post today, we have some fun decor themes to show you!
Baby Showers: Fun and Cute Theme Ideas

Last update: 20 August, 2019

Baby showers are intimate parties where family and close friends come together a baby is born. The guests shower the future mother and the baby with gifts and participate in fun games while enjoying a delicious spread. Your party decor should tie in with baby items and gentle colors. So today, we have some fun themes to show you for your baby shower.

Once you decide on a theme for your party decor, selecting your decor elements will be easy. You can set everything up yourself with friends and family or hire a party-organizer instead.

There is a huge variety of party themes to choose from. You can opt for something specific or simply decorate with certain textures, figures, and colors. If possible, use baby items like milk bottles, bibs, rattles and pacifiers along with your decor theme. Keep reading to learn about original themes that will make for a beautiful baby shower.

Nautical-themed baby shower

A nautical theme can be a hit for your party decor. Pull together a maritime ambiance by incorporating sea details along with its colors and characteristic textures.

Fundamental colors

If you want to pull off the best nautical-themed party ever, the right colors are a must. Use blue, sky blue, white, beige and a few red tones as well. These colors should be everywhere in all of your decor elements such as tablecloths, garlands, party hats, food, etc. Additionally, blue and white or red and white stripes are also very typical in sailor decor.

baby shower sailor decor

Hang up string pennants

String pennants are a flag banner that has become very popular in party decor. Try creating your own festive pennants with colorful triangles. Alternate blue, white and striped triangles on a line. And if you want, write your baby’s name on the little flags.

Paper boats

Little paper boats are precious decor elements that will take you back to your own childhood. Make a few boats in different colored paper and hang them from at different heights from the ceiling.

Balloon anchor

Use metallic blue balloons to create an anchor for another great decor element. Arrange it next to the table or your home entrance to welcome your guests.

Circus-themed baby shower

Circuses are another fun, lively inspiration for your baby shower. It’ll create a setting full of festivity and joy.

Colors and textures

Be sure to use plenty of colors and don’t skimp on stripes and polka-dots. Red and white or yellow and white stripes will transport your setting to a circus. Use them everywhere, for example as pennants or straws for drinks.

Make a circus tent

If possible, setting up a circus tent will really bring your decor alive. Try making a small one with fabric and set it next to your table or home entrance. Remember: red and white stripes are a must!


Animals play a starring role in circus themes. They could be elephants, tigers, and seals. Try making paper or foam animals and hanging them from the ceiling or on your walls.

Jungle-themed baby shower

If you go for a jungle theme, green is the color to use. Add leafy greens, palm trees, coconuts and cute animals to your decor.

baby shower jungle

Fringe curtains

Use green tissue paper to make a fringe curtain that hangs down to your floor. Use it to separate the different areas of your setting. The green curtains will evoke big, green leaves and will enhance the jungle atmosphere of your decor.


Animal prints are a must: zebra, giraffe, and leopard. Mix and match, using these prints and similar colors for string pennants, cups or tablecloths. You can also add more pops of colors to your party decor as well.

Choose a theme you love and make sure it works for the vision you have in mind. If you want to use a specific animal or Disney, fairies, superheroes as a theme, go for it. Use your imagination and create cool and original accessories to decorate your baby shower.

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