3 Fun Envelope Crafts to Do as a Family

Have a blast with your family making fun animals, patterns with envelopes or simply decorating them with bows.
3 Fun Envelope Crafts to Do as a Family

Last update: 29 September, 2019

Spending time as a family is priceless. You can have great fun with your children with crafts. Today, we have 3 envelope crafts for you to try with your family.

Society often understands entertainment as going to the mall, checking out hobby spots, playing videogames, watching TV, etc. But there are other ways to have fun that you can do at home.

During winter, when going out into the cold and adverse weather conditions, leaving home can be complicated. Instead, stay at home and have fun without spending anything. Check out our envelope crafts below.

What kind of envelope do you want to make?

You’ll need to invest some time in these envelopes. But it’s a creative process that will reflect an earnest effort, and whoever receives it will appreciate that.

envelope crafts effort

Getting creative with your envelopes are a great craft to do as a family.

One of the secrets of the creative trade is showing things that we all live but don’t see-

Cesar Beltran

Envelopes with interior patterns

Applying a fun interior pattern to an envelope is an out-of-the-box idea. When someone opens the envelope, they’ll see a surprise inside. But how can you make them?

  • Choose a colorful envelope that will contrast with the color of your pattern or design. For example, blue and yellow, green and red, brown and blue, red and white, etc.
  • Measure your envelope’s width and height in addition to the triangular flap. You’ll add the pattern or design, which can be fabric or paper, to the inner flap.
  • Once you cut out your pattern or design, paste it to the inside of the envelope and make sure that it fits in well. When you’re finished, open the envelope and reveal its decorative inside.

Next, prepare them to suit the formality of your event: invitations for a special celebration, love letters, surprising a friend, etc.

Envelope faces

If you want to try a fun, dynamic and curious craft, try adding an animal face on the back of your envelope. They’ll make for cute, fun letters.

  • Choose a color for your envelope. Look for a color that will work for the animal you want to create. For example, white will work best for a bunny while brown is more suitable for moose, etc.
  • On a sheet of white paper, draw a pair of circular eyes. Feel free to add details like the pupils and eyelashes depending on what kind of result you want. Now, add the eyes to the outer side of the triangular flap.
  • Next, make a round nose and add it to the tip of the flap. You can use it to open and close the envelope.
  • If you want your animal to be a little more realistic, you can also add some bunny or rat ears, moose antlers, cow horns or other details.
envelope crafts animals


Our last idea is really cool and has a design that’s full of personality and creativity. It’s all geared to surprising its recipient. So, how can you get started?

  • There are two ways to do this craft – you can use one single color or two colors. For example, light and dark blue, red and white, green and red, red or green with white polka dots, etc.
  • Cut out 4 circles of the same size. If you want to use two colors, cut out 2 circles in each color instead.
  • Next, set them out to create a windmill shape. After, fold the circles inward towards the center. Make sure they’re tightly closed.
  • To seal your envelope, use a pin to fasten the paper to the center or tie shut for a more elegant presentation.

These crafts will add an elegant detail to everyday scenarios and inspire with artisan craft and creativity as well.