Our Tips for Decorating a Small Entrance Way on a Budget

You can decorate a small entrance way without spending big bucks. The key lies in being creative.
Our Tips for Decorating a Small Entrance Way on a Budget

Last update: 07 December, 2018

Many homes have a small, undecorated entrance way. They stay undecorated mainly because we tend to keep away from potentially costly decor accessories and clutter. However, with a little inspiration, you can find a solution to this situation.

Below, we’ll explain some decor tips for small entrance ways that don’t require a big investment. Some of our ideas don’t even require complicated crafts either.

4 basic accessories for small entrance ways

While your overall decor will depend on how big your entrance way is, there are some accessories that work most of the time in small areas as long as you use them the right way. Some examples are:

  • Umbrella stand
  • Rug
  • Coat-hanger (standing or on the wall)
  • Shoe rack
Entrance way accessories

These are all items that keep things in order as soon as you step inside your home. So, using at least a couple is very handy.

Considering that these days a lot of options can be mounted on the wall or have extendable or multi-purpose parts, they won’t get in the way at all.

However, those who are looking for a more simple style can always just opt to use one or two of these elements.

But the pieces that you end up using should have a design that’s full of personality so that the room can look well-adorned. To give you an idea, try a rug with an original pattern or unique texture.

As for keeping costs down, we have some tricks that you can use. A lot of people hammer nails on one of their walls to hang coats instead of buying a coat-hanger.

Others give a second life to a recycled pallet or fruit crate instead of looking for a new shoe rack. These ideas could be great solutions that don’t require any money.

Other options to think about

The accessories that we mention in this section are usually economical and work great for decorating small welcome areas as well as other spaces. For the most part, they’re recycled items or simple pieces that can become a lovely decoration piece with a little tweak. A great example of the latter is demijohns.

Entrance way demijohn
  • Plants
  • Mirror
  • Artificial flowers
  • Personally crafted pictures (watercolor or oil paintings, collages or maybe a beautiful piece of calligraphy)
  • Spray painting an old chair or any other object that you don’t use (graffiti offers a lot of personality to interior decor)
  • Colorful glass demijohns with some wooden sticks or dowels on the inside
  • Vintage objects (a telephone, typewriter, antique stand lamp, etc.)

Can you decorate your space without using any items?

Yes. In fact, some small entrance ways can look absolutely lovely with just a pop of color on the door or walls. You can choose some bright colors or if not, use one and just play around with the shades.

A really cool idea is leaving your walls white and just painting your door bright yellow. By doing so, your door becomes the centerpiece and distracts people from noticing that there isn’t any decor around it.

Entrance way door

You can also use this same idea with a different object. For example, you could use a single piece of furniture in the welcome area in a primary color; it could be blue, red or yellow. Other options include different eye-catching colors like turquoise, violet, and pink.

Be creative

On many occasions, we can put the things that we’re not using at home to good use. Or, we can create original decor pieces by using another as a base. Try to take some risks and you’ll see that you can nail original results without having to spend a fortune.

The main idea is to let your imagination run wild and break free from traditional entrance way decor. After all, every rule has its exceptions and our objective today is finding the most efficient and decorative solution.