Decorate the Hallways in your Home: 7 Practical Ideas

Do you need to give a personal touch to the hallways in your home but don't know how? Here we'll give you some nice ideas to decorate your bare hallways.
Decorate the Hallways in your Home: 7 Practical Ideas

Last update: 22 November, 2018

The hallway is the first room we see when entering the house. It serves as a transition space between different rooms. Because of this, we don’t usually spend time or pay attention to decorating our hallways in our homes or apartments. Decorating the hallway can complete the aesthetic of your home.

You should consider if the hall is very narrow or wide and the objective you have. With these seven ideas, you can decorate your home’s hallway in an original and simple way. 

Use paintings to decorate your hallways

Works of art or photographs are usually something that exists in every home. Your photos and art will be original to you, and using them is a great way to add a personal decorative touch to your hallways.

Halls with carpets.

Family photos

Incorporating family photos on your hallway’s walls will create an intimate space. You can choose to frame your favorite, current or childhood photographs. You can also use photos from important family events or family vacations.

If you have a long hallway, hang pictures side by side horizontally creating a kind of timeline. Each person who walks through that space will be able to remember and appreciate each one of these images.

Another original idea is to choose a high-quality family photograph. Print it in black and white onto a large canvas. You can fix this to the wall without a frame. This is a classic way to decorate a space.

Place mirrors

Using mirrors is practical. Mirrors create space out of thin air. You must be careful not to hang a very large mirror if your hallway is too narrow. This can create visual confusion and make you dizzy.

You can hang small isolated mirrors in different sectors of the hallway. A narrow mirror hung horizontally along the entire hallway at eye level also works well.

decorate hallways with mirrors

Keep lighting in mind


Lighting is a key element to decorate your home’s hallways. The way you decorate your hallways will depend on whether you’re able to fit lamps into your hallway and what types of lamps you use. It’s essential that you incorporate warm light and that whatever lamp you use illuminates the hallway well.

If you have a large hallway, you can choose to have a row of dichroic lights and nothing else. These types of lights perfectly illuminate all spaces. If you have a narrow or short corridor, you can have just a central lamp with a beautiful shade.

If you want to have a warm space, you can place lamps on the walls that disperse their light in an upward direction. The alternative is very beautiful, with several lamps alternated between pictures or photographs of the family.


Candlesticks are very nice decorative elements. Placing them on the floor and along the hallway can create a very warm atmosphere.

Decorate your hallways with rugs

Like all other fabric in a home, carpets provide a warm and comfortable feeling. You can put a long carpet on the floor following the entire path of your hallway. Be careful, if you have slippery floors you’ll need to use something to fix the carpet to the surface. Otherwise, the rug can be dangerous and you could fall. If you have small children this may not be the best option.

Play with the colors of other fabrics in your home and put a very soft or fluffy rug in your hallway. It’ll be nice to walk in this space barefoot.

long white hallway

Use wallpaper

Wallpaper is ideal for all types of spaces. As hallways are usually narrow, it’s not always easy to decorate the walls all the same way. Wallpaper can be a great alternative to decorate. You can stick a piece of narrow wallpaper of whatever design you like along the entire hallway.

Hang shelves

Shelves are very practical to store your things. If you have a large hallway you can hang several shelves and store books or other objects. Otherwise, you can incorporate narrower shelves to display decorative elements.

Decorate with a nice wall clock

Wall clocks are extremely practical in any home. Hang a nice antique or modern clock depending on what will look best in your home. If you’re in one room you shouldn’t have to run to another room just to check the time. In addition, a clock looks beautiful next to paintings, mirrors, or photographs. They complement each other nicely.

Decorating hallways may seem like an initially difficult activity. It’s okay if you don’t know what type of decorative elements to use on your walls, floors, or ceilings. You can always use items that you already have. Use them to create a nice layout in your home’s hallways.

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