The Lavender Trend for Bedrooms

Have you heard about the lavender trend? If you want to use lavender for your bedroom, you have two main options: use the color itself or floral lavender prints on top of another color, such as white.
The Lavender Trend for Bedrooms

Last update: 04 November, 2018

In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the lavender trend for bedrooms.

To begin, we’ll talk briefly about the qualities of this slightly lighter shade of violet. Lavender is known for providing a feeling of freshness, gentleness, relaxation, and serenity. It’s a color that reminds us of spring.

Recently, lavender hasn’t only just been popular for interior design, but also in clothing, as we can see in fashion shows and magazines. With regards to its use in interior design, it works anywhere and gives an air of elegance. You won’t have too many problems when trying to match lavender.

You might associate lavender with Provence, the region in France. Its lavender fields are the main attraction of the area. Visit Provence and you can follow the Lavender Route, which takes you around small, charming towns.

Lavender fields

On top of that, many people regard this plant as something almost magical. It’s been known to have extraordinary properties.

Below, we’ll leave you with some ideas to help you dive into the lavender bedroom trend. You’ll see that it’s quite a versatile color that you can use in any room, regardless of the style that you want to portray because it works with everything.

Textiles for bedroom decor in the lavender trend

We should never underestimate the importance of textiles in interior design – they give a final touch to any of our home projects. Though textiles might seem secondary, they actually have a very important role.

In the lavender trend, there are two main options that’ll set the tone for the rest of the room decor.

  1. Lavender-colored textiles.
  2. Textiles with lavender patterns.

You can also combine these options with no problem, just remember not to overdo it.

To prevent yourself from taking it too far, you can try choosing a lavender-colored quilt or comforter and match it with pillows with lavender patterns, or vice versa.

In addition to bedding, you also have to consider your curtains, blinds, carpets and, if relevant, your furniture upholstery (if you have an armchair in your bedroom, for example).

Lavender bedding

Of course, though lavender should be the star of your bedroom, you can also combine it with many other colors. The first ones that might come to mind are blues, purples or lilacs. However, light tones such as white or beige also work very well, in addition to green or even yellow.

Lavender furniture

When it comes to furniture, you can buy it directly in lavender or paint it yourself.

If you can, a great idea is a headboard, nightstand and desk set. If you have a big bedroom you could really achieve a beautiful result.

On the same note, don’t forget that you can opt for light green furniture, which would complement the lavender on your textiles and decorative pieces.

Also, if you want to reuse a chair or armchair, you can also paint or reupholster (as we mentioned previously).

You should put thought into the color combination of a room for a harmonious and balanced outcome.

The lavender trend for bedrooms: complementary pieces

Lastly, we’d like to mention decor objects that could interest you.

First off, you can try lavender mirror or photo frames. Or, you can use a different colored frame with a lavender-colored picture or photo.

Another decoration idea is filling little jars or vases with lavender. When you’ve finished preparing them, place them on top or your bedroom furniture. They’ll look beautiful in addition to creating a completely natural ambiance.

Lavender decoration

If you also enjoy DIY projects, you can make lavender pouches to ward off moths. You just need to fill a pouch with lavender and put it in the inside of your dresser or closet. The fragrance will last for a while and, as we mentioned before, it’s a completely natural option. On a similar note, don´t forget aromatic candles. The great thing is that you can make them yourself by adding lavender fragrance or essential oils.

As you’ve read in today’s post, using lavender to decorate is really simple. You just need to be careful to not take it too far and carefully consider the color combinations. Don’t forget that you can also paint one or more of your walls lavender, or even try lavender wallpaper. By doing so, your bedroom can transmit a feeling of serenity, freshness, and elegance.

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