Should Siblings Be Sharing a Room?

Sharing a room with siblings can be both positive and complex. It all depends on their age and on how you set up and manage the room.
Should Siblings Be Sharing a Room?

Last update: 03 February, 2021

Living together is one of the most complex tasks that human beings face. It can become difficult if there are no common agreements in place or if rules aren’t followed behind closed doors. Indeed, this is a question that many families have – should siblings be sharing a room?

The bedroom is probably the most private space in a person’s home. It’s a space for refuge and relaxing and a place of rest. It’s often arranged in a particular and independent way and is decorated according to a person’s own criteria.

At a certain age, sibling squabbles can arise – it’s a natural part of the life process of any individual, especially at an early age. On the other hand, there is also a need for bonding. But bearing in mind that they have blood ties and live together, do siblings really need to share a room?

Bonding between siblings at an early age

When siblings are young, they form very close bonds. They share toys, friends, clothes and experiences and their relationship is fruitful and prosperous. Because of this, it’s possible to set up a room for both of them in which they sleep in separate beds.

When kids are younger, they don’t require so much space, so the room is not a problem, as long as it’s spacious enough. A bunk bed with a ladder to save space can be a great idea.

Living together also becomes a game. Through sharing a bedroom, children can be taught the art of respect for another. By managing their differences, children can establish an emotional bond that will remain for the rest of their lives.

Sharing and living together in peace and harmony.

Teens seek more privacy

Sharing a room with siblings for a few years may be feasible, especially when they’re young; however, during adolescence, conflicts and complications will arise. Let’s look at some aspects to consider:

  1. Teenagers will want to decorate their room themselves. This is because they’re in a process of transition to a maturity that takes some years to arrive. In this way, they will claim a room for themselves and not want to share it.
  2. The opposite may be the case, where siblings have become accustomed to living together and do not want to move out. It’s great that they establish a very close bond, but they must be educated in the autonomy and management of their own resources.
  3. Age difference is often a problem. If one of the siblings is a few years older than another, conflicts can arise, as they’re at different stages of life. In this scenario, sharing a room is not the most beneficial option for them.
  4. As for what kind of activities they carry out in the room, these will require privacy and independence. Teenagers will also need peace for their studies. This factor is essential, since it involves one of the greatest confrontations between siblings: noise, lack of control, discomfort, etc.

What should I do about the decoration when sharing a room?

sharing a room among siblings

Sharing a room between siblings affects other aspects such as decoration. If they’re young, it’s probably the parents who will take care of decorating in a style that fits their age.

As for adolescence or the university period, identity issues will arise, and teenagers and youngsters will want their room to reflect their character. Posters, photographs, books, musical instruments, and other items will make up their space. The most important thing is that they recognise the space as their own.

When two siblings share a room at this stage, things might get crowded, as each person tries to make the room reflect their taste.  In these cases, it’s advisable to intervene and organise everything correctly so that there is an aesthetic balance.

Encouraging conviviality in the home

In addition to spatial and decorative factors, it should be borne in mind that conviviality should be encouraged. When harmony reigns at home, a much more peaceful emotional climate is achieved for the whole family.

If fair rules are agreed upon and the room is properly organised, a positive and comfortable atmosphere is created. But this can only be achieved through harmony, respect and calm.

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