How to Choose The Best Mattress if You're Overweight

The height, width and length of a mattress are important aspects that everyone must pay attention to. This particularly applies if you're overweight. Our guide will help you to choose the best mattress.
How to Choose The Best Mattress if You're Overweight

Last update: 20 September, 2021

If you’re overweight and want to choose the best mattress to suit your size, you should take into account certain characteristics that’ll lead to you making the best choice. We’re not only talking about durability and quality, but about its impact on your health, comfort, and rest.

It’s noteworthy that these same specifications can guide the mattress purchase of anyone, regardless of their weight and physical condition. However, overweight people do require a mattress that contributes to good rest and prevents physical discomfort such as lumbago.

Precisely, in this article, we’ll present a guide to help you choose the best mattress if you’re overweight.

Why is it important to choose the best mattress if I’m overweight?

A good mattress allows a better rest.

Making the right mattress choice is important for everyone, but it’s even more so if you’re overweight. This is because your mattress supports all of your weight and, at the same time, offers comfort and stability. The best mattress guarantees that you won’t experience any physical or mental discomforts.

In fact, according to research, poor quality sleep is a factor that promotes obesity. Therefore, sleep hygiene guidelines must be followed, including the appropriate furniture to generate an adequate rest environment. More, if we take into account that our beds are the place where we spend one-third of our lives.

Therefore, choosing a good mattress, a pillow, and the right bedding is vital, giving priority to the mattress. In fact, studies based on surveys claim that seven percent of sleep problems are caused by an uncomfortable mattress.

Features of the best mattress for overweight people

Height is an important feature.

For some people, choosing the best mattress is based on things like price and aesthetics. Still, these are superfluous factors that, while important, don’t necessarily guarantee quality. When we talk about how to choose the best mattress if you’re overweight, characteristics such as firmness, stability, and its ability to regain its shape prevail.

According to experts, the type of mattress that is most recommended for those who are overweight are those of high density. This, because they combine firmness and adaptability, with materials such as latex and memory foam. Therefore, the best mattress can be a high-density mattress made from polyurethane foam.

Suitable height

This is a characteristic that we often overlook when choosing the best mattress, but it’s very important when it comes to being overweight. If the mattress doesn’t have an adequate and compatible height, when you lay on it, it’ll exert pressure that will cause you to sink.

In the case of overweight people, more pressure is generated, causing inconvenience when you move or go to stand. In this case, the height of the mattress shouldn’t be less than 30 centimeters. This will provide a better support surface too.

Suitable width

In the market, we find all types of mattresses with different measurements in terms of height and width. Among the standard measurements, we find the single, double, king, or queen size. People who are overweight are recommended to have a mattress that’s wide enough to cover their body in all positions.

Depending on your specific weight, you can choose a mattress size of 140 centimeters and up. So you can rest at night with a good portion of space available.


Always check the firmness.

It’s important that overweight people choose a mattress that doesn’t “wrap” them. That is to say, that it’s not soft. This is because when you lie down or move your body, a soft mattress encourages inappropriate and unsupported positions causing discomfort such as back pain.

So the best mattress will be the one that offers you firmness on the surface or first layer, but inside, it should be soft enough so that it molds to your body. This ensures that it molds with each movement you make without losing its original shape.


One of the most common bedtime problems for overweight people has to do with heat. This causes you to sweat more at night. If your mattress doesn’t have good breathability, all that sweat and heat will be trapped between the material or surfaces.

Having a mattress that allows you to breathe improves air circulation and distributes the air, avoiding the accumulation of heat and offering optimal rest.

So, here you have the four fundamental characteristics that you should consider when choosing the best mattress if you’re overweight. As you can see, they are simple details, but they guarantee a good purchase according to your needs.

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