Electrical Code Requirements for Bedrooms

The electrical code sets mandatory standards which all electrical installations need to comply with. Here we explain how it should be done in bedrooms.
Electrical Code Requirements for Bedrooms

Last update: 11 May, 2020

Have you ever heard of the electrical code? It’s essential for a home’s electrical installations and this is why it needs to be crystal clear before starting any kind of work. In this post, we’re going to focus on the electrical code in bedrooms, as each room has its own specific features.

We’re then going to explain what the electrical code is and why it’s so important. We’ll also give you details about the electrical code in a bedroom. No need to wait any longer, let’s start right now.

What is the electrical code?

The electrical code is like the Bible for electricians. These guidelines aim to ensure security, efficiency, and comfort in a home. They must be followed and applied to each work project to obtain the desired results.

The electrical code is reviewed annually and at a national level. This means it’s the same for everyone and it can’t vary from one town to another or depend on the professional you hire.

The electrical code first lists the security measures you need to follow. This is very important as short-circuits can potentially be serious hazards.

Additionally, the electrical code also explains what the layout of switches and sockets must look like in a room.

Parts of this code are complicated to explain as it’s aimed at electricians. This article will explain the most comprehensible aspects and those handy for a homeowner to make daily life easier.

The importance of a good electrical code

Electric code

As mentioned on previous occasions, planning is an essential step to achieve the desired results. Everyone knows that jobs build up and deadlines aren’t always met. That’s why we often get carried away and rush to make decisions.

Our advice would be to take the time to plan and to keep in mind the electrical code. Take into consideration the safety norms.

Also, you need to think about your own needs. A rushed installation done without planning will never work for your day-to-day life.

As time goes on, you’ll realize that there are either too many or too few switches. The height and power of an installation tend to be other common mistakes.

An electrical installation pretty much lasts a lifetime. It’s not like a piece of furniture you can easily change. That’s why you need to put in the time needed to carry it out properly. If not, you will pay the price as you’ll have to live with it or start the job all over again.

Electrical code requirements for bedrooms

The electrical code for bedrooms can be divided into three distinct sections. The first would be the power which will need to be adjusted according to the room’s consumption.

The second is the number of switches and their layout, and the third is how many sockets. Both need to be put in the right place for them to be functional and convenient.


Electric code

Not much electrical power is needed in bedrooms. Unlike kitchens, there aren’t many electrical items, and the ones there are don’t use much energy.

A regular 120-volt installation is enough. The electrician you hire will exactly evaluate the power required.

Quantity and layout of switches and lighting outlets

Electrical code for bedrooms

You must have a switch at the entrance to the bedroom. Also, it’s convenient to have one above each bedside table to be able to turn the light on and off without getting out of bed. Consider the height and distance of furniture.

You also need to decide how many lighting outlets you need in the bedroom. This will depend on the size and shape of the room.

Number of sockets and layout

Electrical code for bedrooms

If we had talked about this a few years ago, we would have said that three sockets are ample in a master bedroom. However, this now seems like very few.

Electrical devices are to blame as we have more and more in our daily lives. If you need a lot of sockets, the results might not be very neat, but you can hide them.

The best idea would be for you to install a socket inside each bedside table and two or three more in the rest of the room. This will also depend on whether you plan on having a floor lamp or any similar elements.

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