Choose the Right Color for Your Bedroom with Our 6 Tips

Choosing the right color for your bedroom is essential because it'll anchor the rest of your decor. Read our tips on making the right decision.
Choose the Right Color for Your Bedroom with Our 6 Tips

Last update: 08 February, 2020

The color of your bedroom might seem like a trivial matter but making the right choice matters. In our post today, read our tips for choosing the right color.

1. Colors and room size

right color room size

If you have a small bedroom, we recommend using light colors or even white. Pastel colors are a hot trend these days so if you’re into them, you can rest assured that your bedroom will be up to date.

Light colors will help your room look bigger and more spacious. On the other hand, if you have a big bedroom, feel free to use a darker color.

2. Colors and light

right color light

How much daylight a room receives is another important deciding factor when choosing the right color.

If your room gets a lot of natural light, you can consider darker, colder colors because the light will balance their visual effects. But if your room doesn’t receive too much natural light, stick to warmer colors instead.

2. Ceilings matter

right color ceilings

Before you start painting, consider using two colors to make your room look bigger. Use one color for the walls and the second, lighter color for your ceiling. The contrast between the colors will make your bedroom grow visually.

4. Choose the right color that matches your decor style and accessories

right color style

If you just want to change your wall color and keep everything else the same, make sure the new color matches your furniture and decor. Always keep your decor balanced. Check out the most popular colors for the following decor styles:

  • In vintage decor, mint green and sky blue are popular choices.
  • But classic decor uses more earthy tones.
  • Meanwhile, neutral colors and marine blue reign in modern decor styles.
  • Green and brown are always present in Boho decor, which is very popular these days.

5. Color and purpose

right color purpose

Every room needs certain colors to enhance it for its purposes. In the case of bedrooms, these rooms are normally reserved for the last hours of the day.

The ideal bedroom colors should be warm. Warm colors enhance the sensations of warmth and tranquility. As a result, the ensure a better goodnight’s sleep.

On the other hand, children’s bedrooms are quite the opposite. Children spend hours playing and doing their homework in their bedrooms.

6. Testing before committing

right color testing

The best way to see which color is right for your bedroom is by testing various options before committing. Many people simply paint over old coats recklessly, which ruins their walls.

Keep your walls in good condition by testing your color options on a sheet of white paper. When dry, take the sheet and tape it onto your wall to see how it looks. The color will look the same on the wall as on paper, and you won’t ruin your walls. Besides, painting on paper will allow you to easily set them out and choose the right color.

If you still feel anxious about choosing the right color after reading our post, or if you feel like you’ve made the wrong decision, don’t worry. You can always repaint your walls until you find the right match.

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