Bring Pantone 2021 Color into Your Bedroom

Go ahead and decorate your bedroom with the Pantone 2021 colors! This year, these two trending colors promise to revitalize and revamp. Together, they'll transform your bedroom into a warm and elegant space.
Bring Pantone 2021 Color into Your Bedroom

Last update: 30 June, 2021

You’ll surely love this proposal: bring the Pantone 2021 color to your bedroom. Let the illuminating yellow and ultimate gray splatter your bedding, textiles, and decorative details for a trendy space full of life and optimism.

Take note of the formulas that work best and how you can combine the colors of the year with the rest of your decor. Ready to get to work?

Put the Pantone 2021 color in your bedroom

Yellow and green spaces.

Since the Pantone Institute of Color revealed that this year, there’d be two colors that’ll become overriding trends, they’ve flooded fashion, makeup, and, of course, decor. The colors are illuminating yellow and ultimate gray and they’re two of the interior designers’ favorites.

One for its joy, its luminosity, and its ability to combine well with other colors, and the other because it’s the perfect neutral for those who want something more than the typical white. Together they form a tandem that’s ready to revitalize every home.

So go ahead and take them to your bedroom. You’ll love it! With these tones, you’ll have a cozy, elegant, and very modern space. Discover the keys surrounding how to use them.

Bring Pantone 2021 to your bedroom: the bed

Gray is a color that conveys peace and serenity, making it great for a bedroom. If you decorate your space in these tones, you can create a surprising effect by incorporating some striking elements in yellow. We suggest you do the same with your bedding.

On the other hand, this year the overlapping blankets, the plaids and the play of textures and colors of a very well defined color palette are taken. Choose a duvet cover in illuminating yellow and play with the cushions, sheets, and all the textiles you want to use.

Change headboard

Also, you can give your old headboard a spin. We suggest you change it for one in ultimate gray. There are endless alternatives: from some made of wood to others in brass and even upholstered.

Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect ally for lovers of simple, sophisticated spaces with a classic touch. Complete the look with the bedding in yellow, as we’ve previously suggested.

Put an armchair in the bedroom

Bedroom with yellow tones.

If you have enough space, don’t hesitate to add a beautiful wing chair to enjoy long days of reading. Put it next to the window and add a floor lamp for good lighting.

The color? Yellow, of course! You’ll create a fun contrast, especially if the rest of the decor is more sober and simple.

Bring Pantone 2021 color to your bedroom with accessories

As you already know, gray is a color that never goes out of style. It fits perfectly with any other color. In fact, if you paint your walls with it you’ll be able to give more presence to the rest of your furniture and accessories.

If you add a subtle touch of yellow, you’ll see that the result is wonderful. You can do it with a painting in which these tones predominate, with a vase of flowers, or with the bed cushions.

Ad the Pantone 2021 color to your bedroom with key pieces

We’ve already given you several ideas to make your bedroom a trendy place. But, below, we’ll suggest some pieces that can give you that extra special touch.

  • A lamp. Look for a standing or tabletop one in gray with gold details. It’ll be the ideal complement if the bedding stands out in yellow tones.
  • Comfort. You can add large pieces of furniture in this fun yellow color and enjoy the luminosity.
  • A set of trunks that combines illuminating yellow and ultimate gray. They’re ideal to decorate the foot of your bed.

You already know how to add Pantone 2021 color to your bedroom. Test, experiment, and mix until you find the perfect combination. You’ll see that you won’t regret bringing these shades to your refuge.

Both colors are harmonious and cheerful. Therefore, they’re a good option for renewing bedrooms. Ready to give your decor a twist?

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