5 Types of Bedding with Floral Motifs

Prepare your bedroom for the summer. To do this, choose floral prints for bedding.
5 Types of Bedding with Floral Motifs

Last update: 12 October, 2018

Now that summer is getting closer, comforters with floral motifs are ideal. Without a doubt, they’ll give a fresh and cheerful touch. We’ll give you some examples in this article.

If what you have at home is a duvet cover instead of a comforter, don’t worry. There are also duvet covers with this type of print. The only thing you’ll have to do is change the interior.

In addition, you can also buy pillows that match the comforter. You can alternate patterned cushions with some plain cushions, for example white ones.

Below we’ll give you five examples of this. You can acquire these bedspreads very easily, even online. Among the examples that you’ll see are some duvet covers, in case you want to keep the one that you use the rest of the year. Consider introducing a lighter filler for the warm summer months.

1. LJUSOGA – bedspreads with floral motifs

This is available at IKEA. In addition to the bedspread, two pillowcases are included. They both have an envelope type closure, making them very easy to use.

The design consists of simple red and light pink flowers on a white background. There are green touches on the stems and leaves. The bedspread measures 220 cm long by 260 cm wide. The pillows measure 50 cm long and 60 cm wide.

As far as washing goes, you can put it in the washing machine provided that the water doesn’t exceed 60 degrees celsius. Then you can dry it in the dryer at about 80 degrees celsius, at a maximum. If you want to iron it, you shouldn’t let the iron exceed 200 degrees celsius.

This type of bedspread will look great in rooms with white walls. In addition, you can put pillows with other colors, such as soft red, green, or pink with this bedding.

The price for this set is 39.99 euros.

floral bedspread

Funda Ljusoga / ikea.com


This is also from IKEA, however only a single pillow case is included in this set. The design is repeated on the bedding more times than on the previous one. There’s much less free space. The flowers are totally pink, including the stem and leaves.

The measurements are as follows: the case is 200 x 150 cm and the pillows are 50 x 60 cm. The recommendations for care and washing are exactly the same as in the previous example.

However, this option is cheaper since it only costs 14.99 euros. It’s among the latest designs from IKEA.

ikea floral sheets

Hassleklocka bedding / ikea.com

3. The English Court bedspread

This bedding has a pattern of green leaves with various shapes. In addition, it’s available in 5 different sizes so you won’t have to worry about if this will fit your bed. The available sizes are: 90, 105, 135, 150, and 180 cm.

The washing guidelines are that the temperature doesn’t exceed 30 degrees celsius in the wash and that you choose a low temperature when putting it in the dryer.

This is made completely from cotton and its price is 69.96 euros.

floral sheet

floral bedding / elcorteingles.es

4. Bedding from Zara Home

This is a beautiful cotton quilt with floral Jacquard. In this case the floral motifs are white and arranged on a background in a fairly neutral and clear color.

It’s available in the following sizes: 135, 140, 150, and 230 cm. It can be machine washed as long as the water doesn’t exceed 30 degrees celsius. It can’t go into the dryer. With regards to ironing, it’s important that the iron doesn’t exceed 150 degrees celsius.

It costs 99.99 euros. You can also buy a matching pillow cover for 29.99 euros, and it measures 50 x 50 cm.

zara home floral

floral bedding / zarahome.com


This is a full set from H&M. Two pillow cases are also included in the set. This bedding has a white background. In the foreground there are leaves and birds with many different, tropical colors.

This type of pattern would look good in a room where there are already some tropical trends or patterns. You just have to be careful with other prints in the bedroom so that the space doesn’t look excessive or too busy for the eye to follow.

The only thing that you’ll have to take into account with this set is the fact that the water temperature shouldn’t exceed 60 degrees celsius when you wash it.

This set costs 49.99 euros. Both the cover itself and the pillow covers are made in different sizes to suit your needs.

bedding from h&m

Conscious bedding / H&M


We hope that you liked the ideas for floral bedspreads that we showed you in this article. This type of bedding will be your biggest ally when it comes to decorating your room for the hottest months of the year.

Also, remember that you can play with the colors and textures of the textiles in your bedroom. Consider a floral design for your rug or curtains. You could also combine floral pillows with other pillows with just one color. The result will be very dynamic, especially when there’s such a huge range of bedspreads with floral designs that you can choose from. 

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