5 Practical Suggestions for Storing Handbags

Do have a lot of handbags but don't know how to store them? These suggestions might be just what you need if you want to get them organized.
5 Practical Suggestions for Storing Handbags

Last update: 23 November, 2018

There may come a time when you realize that you have a huge quantity of handbags and that they are all piled up in the closet, or making a mess in a corner. Is that true in your case? You should take into account these 5 suggestions for storing handbags.

Basically, in the home order is something essential. Having the room organized and correctly distributed can make you feel calmer. This idea can also be applied to handbags.

You should avoid your closet or bedroom being disorganized, and stashing your handbags away anywhere they’ll fit. Why don’t you try storing handbags in a rational and selective way?

Choose a space for storing handbags

It’s important to take into account the fact that you have 2 options. You can store your handbags visibly or keep them out of sight. Obviously, if you store them in a closed space such as a closet, they won’t gather as much dust as out in the open.

Use shelves for storing handbags

You should look for a place to store your handbags all together where it will be easy for you to find them when you need one. It won’t do you any good if they’re hidden away and you don’t know where to find each one.

You should reserve a space especially for storing them. That way when you go to grab one you’ll be able to do so without having to think where you put it last. You need to be practical.

-Establish order; custom will be responsible for maintaining it.-

-Duque de Lévis-

Order by size

In reality, not all handbags are the same. Some are bigger and some are smaller. Each one has its own function and you can use them according to your needs. Organizing them will help you to correctly choose the most appropriate for the occasion.

  • Put the smallest ones in first in an easy to access place, since you will probably use them the most.
  • Keep the medium sized handbags in a central zone, creating a difference in size with the others.
  • On the other side, place the biggest handbags opposite the smallest ones.

What you are doing is putting your smallest handbags on the left side. That is to say, you’re starting from that side, the same as the majority of things in life and finishing on the right side with the biggest bags.

It’s not really worth trying to create interest by inserting bigger bags between smaller ones. All you’ll achieve is disorder. It’s better to maintain a balanced look.

You could use your closet for storing handbags

Hanging or sitting

There are two very simple formulas for storing handbags: by hanging them or sitting them upon a surface such as a shelf. Either of these two ways is feasible, but they each give a different aesthetic feel.

  • Hanging: you could hang them using a coat rack, either fixed to the wall or inside your closet. If you want to try storing handbags outside the closet, it will add a certain aesthetic appeal to the decor of your bedroom.
  • Sitting: they could just be placed on a surface, such as inside your closet or on a shelf in your bedroom. Again, your taste in handbags will become a feature of the room if they are placed in sight.

On shelves in your bedroom or walk-in closet

What if you have a walk-in closet? In that case, it could be very interesting to be able to put your collection of handbags on show. They won’t just be on display for you and your guests, it will also be easier when it comes to choosing which handbag to use.

You could place them consecutively on a shelf, that is, as if they were on display in a store. You could give each bag a little more space to display it and show them to the best advantage.

However, you should take into account the importance of keeping your handbags in order. After using a handbag, always return it to the same place. That way, you will know where it is when you want it next time.

Handbags as decor

Another very interesting formula for storing handbags is using them to decorate a room. It might seem a little strange as a decor idea, but they can be effective. In what way?

Make your handbags into a part of your decor
  • They could hang selectively on the wall or in order of color. Then you can easily grab one each time you want to use it, and at the same time, decorate your wall.
  • Try storing handbags on a high or low shelf, where they can be visible to enable you to choose one.

Any type of decor using your handbags that you can think of is possible. Just don’t forget that they should always be tidy and available for you to use whenever you need one.