4 Ideas for Tables Made Using Tree Trunks

If you're looking to give an original touch to your bedroom, read on to find some ideas of tables made using tree trunks that you could try at home.
4 Ideas for Tables Made Using Tree Trunks

Last update: 05 December, 2018

Tables made using tree trunks are pieces of furniture that are more and more common in many different decor styles. Timber itself, being a natural and noble material, gives a rustic and warm feel to the home.

There are a huge variety of tables made using tree trunks available. You could even make your own table using this versatile material, and combine it with other materials you like. Also, tree trunks are easy to find and very pretty to use in interior decorating.

Below, we will show you 4 tables made using tree trunks that you could try as a feature in your bedroom. You could include one as a functional or as a purely decorative table, whatever you like. Take into account the space you have available in your bedroom when planning your table design.

Tables made using tree trunks

You could use your tables made with tree trunks in their natural state. Or another option is to prepare the surface of the timber with a finish or combine it with other materials. Also, depending on the space you have available in your bedroom, you could use one of these tables as a dresser or even as a bedside table.

You could use a bed base or table made using tree trunks as a part of your bedroom decor for a rustic feel

1. Small tree trunk table

You could use a  small to medium size  tree trunk to make into a table for your bedroom. If you like, you could paint it with a color you like. Or if you want it to retain its original appearance, we recommend that you apply a thin coat of varnish. Varnish will protect the surface of the timber and at the same time will give a beautiful finish to the wood.

Depending on the height and circumference of the tree trunk you’ve acquired, you can choose what to use it for in your bedroom.

With or without bark

You can create your table out of a tree trunk with the bark or without it. If you include tree trunks with the bark still on, it will give an even more rustic touch to the room. What if you want to give a slightly more subtle rustic impression? In that case, you could take off the bark when making your table.

Painted tree trunks

If you want, you could paint your tables made using tree trunks in a color you like. You could just add a coat of varnish to give it a better finish. But if you like, you could also paint the tree trunks a certain color. Before doing this, make sure the color you choose suits the rest of your bedroom decor.

One option is to paint just the top surface of the trunk. That way you’ll achieve a nice combination with your chosen color and the natural color of the timber.

You could paint your tables made using tree trunks in different colors or even use varnish

Paint and add wheels

One great option is to paint the tree trunk of your table with the ‘half painted’ technique. This technique is becoming more popular for walls as well as other objects. Try painting half of the outside of the trunk in white. Then, you could add some small wheels onto the bottom of the trunk.

You will have made a table that you can easily move around and change it from corner to corner in your bedroom.

2. Tree trunk slice table with an iron base

Another choice is to use a large slice of a tree trunk to create a gorgeous rustic table. You could use the slice of wood as the top part of the table and add 3 or 4 table legs of iron. In contrast with the table mentioned above, that just uses one material, you will have created a table with a second material as a support for the timber structure.

You could also adjust the height of your table according to your needs. If you have a large bedroom, you could create a cozy corner with your new tree trunk slice table. Then you could use it alone or in company.

3. Stack of tree trunk slices

If you have a large tree trunk in your home, you could cut it in various slices of different thicknesses. Then, pile up the wood slices one on top of the other, thereby creating a beautiful rustic table for your bedroom. It would be very pretty if you don’t center all the slices of wood equally but in a slightly uneven way. It will give a really original touch to your room.

A rustic style bedroom can be bettered by including tables made using tree trunks to add a nice original touch

4. Tree trunk table with glass

The option we want to share with you now is really quite interesting. It’s about combining two completely different materials: timber and glass. To do this, you could use a tree trunk as a central support. Then place a circular piece of thick glass on the top.

Another choice you could go for is to use four medium-sized tree trunks and a piece of rectangular shaped glass to create a table with four legs. Choose the type of tables made using tree trunks that you like. You should also take into account what will suit the existing decor in your bedroom.

As you’ve seen, there is quite a variety of designs for tables made using tree trunks that you can use in your bedroom. You could create your very own table or even find a designer table in an interior decor shop. This style of table will give a rustic air to your bedroom. And, at the same time, it will be useful for different purposes. Whether it’s as a decorative table, functional or as a bedside table, you can enjoy your table made using tree trunks.


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