Towel Rack Radiators for the Bathroom

Towel Rack Radiators for the Bathroom

Last update: 22 January, 2019

Towel rack radiators are a great option for the bathroom. Not only do they warm your towels for when you get out of the shower, but they also keep the bathroom warm. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this type of radiator. 

Towel rack radiators are one of the most common ways people use to heat their bathrooms.

As you know, there are many ways you can heat a room: electric radiators, water heaters, underfloor heating, etc.

It’s important to feel warm at home, especially in places with tough winters. And, the bathroom is one of the rooms in the home where we need the most heat.

When we’re in the shower, the temperature of the steam can reach around 37 degrees Celsius. However, when you get out, the temperature drops to about 25 degrees.

Remember, it’s not just about having a warm bathroom, but also keeping ourselves healthy. Extreme changes in temperature can be dangerous.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about towel rack radiators for the bathroom. 

What are towel rack radiators?

Radiator towel racks are functional and also great decorative elements that have become a trend in recent years. This type of radiator hangs on the wall.

towel rack radiators

They’re thinner than traditional radiators and are perfect for warming up your towels and bathrobes. This will keep us from noticing the temperature change as much when we get out of the shower.

Types of radiator towel racks

There are two main types of towel rack radiators for the bathroom. We’ll start with electric ones that need an electrical outlet to work.

One advantage of electric radiator towel racks is that they heat up faster. Also, you won’t need a professional to install it.

Additionally, most have a built-in thermostat that regulates the temperature. 

For safety reasons, it’s recommended that you install this radiator on a wall away from the shower for safety reasons.

Water towel rack radiators are the other type that we’ll discuss. The towel radiator is connected to the same network of pipes as the rest of the house. You’ll need to have a central heating system in order to install this type of radiator.

The water radiator works when the central boiler is on. Also, it needs to be installed by a professional.

Aesthetically, both types of towel rack radiators are the same. The difference is just in the operating system.

Advantages of towel rack radiators in the bathroom

When remodeling the bathroom, one of the most common things you can do is the change your traditional radiator for a towel radiator.

There are many reasons to do this, such as:

  • Since these radiators hang on the wall and are flat, they take up less space.
  • They look prettier aesthetically since they have a more modern design. You won’t even notice it’s a radiator.
  • They’re a two in one. Towel radiators perform the same functions as a regular radiator, but they also keep your towels warm.

How do I choose the right towel radiator?

You have to take the following aspects into account when choosing the right towel rack radiator:

  • Bathroom size: the size of your bathroom is important for many reasons. First, for determining the radiator power. Heating a large bathroom requires more power than heating a small one. The size of the bathroom will also determine the size of the radiator. If you have a small bathroom and put a very large radiator in it, the proportions will be off and the radiator will take up too much space.
  • Where you live: living in a city with mild winters is a lot different than living in a place with only two months of summer.
  • Radiator’s power: The power of the radiator is important and, as we said before, it depends on the size of the bathroom. To calculate how much power your bathroom’s radiator will need, use the following formula: multiply the meters squares of your bathroom by 80 W (that’s about how many you need per square meter). Add 30% to the result and that’s it! That’s how much power you radiator should have. 

Also, you can find different towel rack designs depending on the style and brand.

The most common are:

  • White or chrome: these are the traditional towel radiators. They’re simple.
  • Zig-zag: they have an innovative design and don’t even look like radiators.
  • With wooden slats: they’re decorative towel rack radiators in themselves. They’re perfect for bathrooms with a lot of wood.


Towel radiators are functional and decorative elements for the bathroom.

If you’re thinking of re-doing your bathroom, you should think about changing your traditional radiator for a towel radiator. 

These radiators are great for modern bathrooms.