To Buy or Not to Buy a Bidet?

If you're wondering whether your bathroom needs a bidet, look no further. This article will answer your questions and explain how you can use a bidet in your day to day life.
To Buy or Not to Buy a Bidet?

Last update: 09 December, 2018

As we all know, bidets are bathroom fixtures similar to a sinks, but smaller. Many people question their usefulness. In fact, in some European countries and in the US, bidets are considered unhygienic. However, in many other countries, people wouldn’t live without a bidet and use one on a daily basis. So, to buy or not to buy a bidet? That’s the question.

Installing a bidet in your bathroom is obviously a personal decision, as w e don’t all use bidets for the same purpose. A bidet is not for decoration. Many home decorators also believe that they have gone out of fashion and all they do is get in the way, taking up useful space in our bathrooms.

Today’s article will explain everything you need to know about this long-forgotten item and its uses. Are bidets really necessary or are they no longer of any use? We’ll provide an answer. To buy or not to buy a bidet?!

How do you use a bidet?

“Bidet  comes from the French word, meaning “a small horse”. This is a reference to the position you need to adopt when using a one. A bidet is usually placed next to the toilet, as it used to be used to replace toilet paper. It takes up space, but you save on toilet paper. Useful or not?

It was originally thought that bidets were beneficial to intimate hygiene, although people also used them to wash their legs and feet. Nowadays, they have a much wider range of uses, including washing only certain body parts that you wouldn’t be able to wash individually in the bath or shower without getting entirely wet.

People even use bidets to wash just their hair!


Apart from its most common uses, bidets can also be used to bathe babies. This is easier to do in a smaller basin where we can ensure that the baby is comfortable. Some people even use bidets to wash their pets.

They can also be used to wash delicate items of clothing that cannot be put in the washing machine. 

To buy or not to buy a bidet? The pros and cons

This is perhaps one of the most important things to think about when organizing a bathroom. What are the pros and the cons of installing a bidet? To buy, or not to buy?

One of the main advantages of buying a bidet is its practical uses. In addition to being very useful for maintaining daily intimate hygiene, bidets can also have other uses. However, a major disadvantage of bidets is the amount of space that they take up in the bathroom. Installing a bidet can, therefore, be the wrong choice.

In spite of this, using bidets can be cleaner than using toilet paper and they can be particularly useful to women when they’re on their period. They make you feel much cleaner and are much quicker and easier to use. It’s also worth considering that bidets use less water than a shower.

The reality is that many people still don’t see the point of bidets and instead opt for a double sink. Some people even place them in the shower, saving space while still benefitting from a bidet.

Another drawback of bidets is their aesthetic look. They are a reminder of bathrooms of the past, making them seem outdated and old.

So, are they necessary?

We all have our own preferences and needs. The decision to install a bidet in your bathroom is very personal and should be carefully considered. There is no doubt that bidets have practical uses, but that they also take up useful space in the bathroom.

It also doesn’t make sense to install a bidet if you’ve never needed one before. You don’t miss what you’ve never had. Buying a bidet could be an unnecessary expense. There are other alternatives that you could use for your daily hygiene.

If you have space to play with and the cost doesn’t pose a problem, then go ahead and purchase a bidet. You will definitely find it useful, especially if you also have a bath.

As you can see, there are many points of view as to whether or not to buy a bidet. Personally, we see bidets as a practical addition to bathrooms, but that sometimes takes up valuable space. So, over to you. What’s your opinion on bidets?