Modern Urinals for the Bathroom

Want a more innovative touch in your bathroom? We'll show you a wide variety of urinals so you can give your home a more modern feel.
Modern Urinals for the Bathroom

Last update: 29 June, 2020

Who said that you can only use original, avant-garde features in the living room or bedroom? Any space in the house can be an appropriate place to use different types of decoration. As a result, we’re going to consider a very particular concept – modern urinals for the bathroom.

Have you ever considered using innovative elements in the bathroom? Generally, we focus on the decoration of the most-used spaces in the house. However, isn’t the bathroom one of these spaces?

There are many ways to decorate the bathroom through color, as well as shapes, textures, and dimensions. However, we need to consider functionality. It’s important to combine this aspect with novel, trendy features.

Are urinals common in homes?

Modern urinals are great features for the bathroom.

We normally find urinals in public toilets. However, more and more households are installing urinals. This is mainly because they are hygienic, easy to use, and take up very little space. They offer many advantages.

Hospitality businesses are trying to innovate more and more in the aesthetics of the bathroom. They do this through colors, ceramics, and lighting. However, businesses are also innovating through the urinals themselves. This is a unique way of attracting attention.

Innovation is more and more important in bathroom decoration.

Modern urinals – common choices

The best selling urinal is one that has a simple, basic appearance and a refined aesthetic.

Many modern urinals use curved shapes to make these modern decorative elements. In other words, the contemporary nature of the designs means that they break with certain established design trends from the 20th century.

Metallic urinals – with an industrial touch

A common style of modern urinals is metallic urinals. These are easy to manufacture. As a result, they are generally lowered priced compared to ceramics.

These urinals offer an industrial aesthetic. They also are more refined and have well-defined lines, simplicity in design, and a basic structure that can be fixed to the wall. Also, the metal repels dirt and can be easily cleaned.

You can get these in various colors, such as silver, gold, or bronze. However, the most common choice is silver.

Options for children so they can learn

You can find urinals for children to help them learn.

There are also styles created for children. These can be placed at a low height and often have a fun appearance. For example, they can be designed to look like a toy, an animal, or a cartoon character. Some companies make personalized urinals according to what your child loves.

What are the advantages of urinals for children?

  • Children can learn to urinate easily and mess-free.
  • Going to the bathroom can be fun.
  • Children can understand that using the bathroom is a natural process.

Environmentally-friendly modern urinals

A urinal with a sink included.

We’re constantly looking for great environmentally-friendly products. There is even a type of environmentally-friendly urinal. What does this urinal look like?

  • It’s made of fiberglass.
  • You don’t need to flush it after every use. This is a huge breakthrough! It saves energy and water, as well as helping to lower your water bill. It also doesn’t require any water intake, which makes it easier to install.
  • There is a siphon inside that drains urine directly into the drain. It also has a biodegradable oil that prevents bad odors.
  • Nothing remains on the surface, which helps prevent corrosion.

Don’t forget about the colors!

Another possibility is a wide range of colorful urinals. There is a wide variety. However, you need to remember that it should match the rest of the bathroom!

So what are the most popular colors? Currently, blue and green are the most common. In fact, after white, people are choosing green most commonly because it conveys a natural feeling.

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