8 Things That Every Rustic Bathroom Has to Have

If your home has a rustic decor, your bathroom should be no exception. You can nail the rustic look for your bathroom with a few details.
8 Things That Every Rustic Bathroom Has to Have

Last update: 11 March, 2019

Rustic bathrooms are a hot trend. At first, you might think that your bathroom is the last place for rustic decor, but think again! You can use simple decor materials and objects to create a rustic bathroom with a special charm and cozy rustic air. If you want to renovate your bathroom, don’t miss out on the things that you ave to have for a rustic bathroom.

1. Materials for a rustic bathroom

rustic bathroom 1

If you want a rustic bathroom, the first thing to think about is the materials. You should also remember that your bathroom, even though it’s a closed space that works independently from your other rooms, should match with the decor style of your entire home.

Wood and natural stone are the main materials used in rustic bathrooms. However, you can also use others such as metal. You can use these materials in various ways, such as for walls, ceilings, furniture, or even decor objects.

2. Wicker baskets

rustic bathroom 2

Wicker baskets are essential for rustic bathrooms. You can find them in many stores and aside from decoration, they’re also great for holding toiletries.

We recommend using big baskets for your bathroom towels.

3. Vase with flowers

rustic bathroom 3

“Rustic” is associated with the countryside; a vase with wildflowers, or a small plant, will help you create that natural ambiance you’re looking for.

You don’t need to buy a new vase for your flowers. Instead, just use an aluminum can that you have at home. These simple objects will give your rustic bathroom a cozy, natural atmosphere.

4. Aged mirror

rustic bathroom 4

Mirrors are a must for any bathroom. For a rustic bathroom, look for a mirror with an aged or vintage frame.

If you can pick the color, a golden frame can really enhance the rustic charm. Look for a round frame or any shape that’s not square. They’ll give your bathroom a stronger antique feel.

5. Freestanding tub

rustic bathroom 5

If rustic bathrooms have one main characteristic, it’s a freestanding tub. Though recently freestanding tubs have become popular modern options, they were always used in the past in classic bathrooms.

6. A faucet that’s vintage as well

rustic bathroom 6

Look for a faucet that matches with the rest of your bathroom. You could choose an antique model that looks aged with the same gold as your mirror frame. Use the same faucets for your freestanding tub and sink to create balanced decor.

7. Ladder shelf

rustic bathroom 7

An old wooden ladder might seem like the last thing you’d want in your bathroom, but it’ll actually give the setting a special decorIts rungs will also be great for organizing toiletries or even a small plant.

8. Lighting for a rustic bathroom

rustic bathroom 8

Your bathroom lighting has a big impact on the setting. So  try letting in as much natural light as possible to create a warmer, wider, and more natural space.

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