Set Up Your Own Backyard Bedouin Tent

A Bedouin tent can change your backyard into a space for relaxing and disconnecting.
Set Up Your Own Backyard Bedouin Tent

Last update: 30 October, 2019

Set up your own Bedouin tent in your backyard and make the most of your outdoors. Make a space to disconnect, relax and enjoy yourself.

You can’t solely focus on your home interiors. If you have a backyard, you have a chance to decorate it and make the most out of all the space it offers.

A great idea is setting up a Bedouin tent to create an original setting for your home exteriors. With a Bedouin, you can invite your guests over to enjoy a unique outdoor space.

What is a Bedouin tent?

Bedouin tents originate from the nomadic Arab group the Bedouin or BeduThey used these tents to create a small space to rest and sleep safely from the sun or cold.

These tents are normally square-shaped, but circular models are also common. They are not very wide and shelter a limited number of people. The tents include a roof, which is made completely of fabric.

Bedouin tent origins

Today, you can find all kinds of Bedouin, or stretch, tents, especially in the world of home decor. More and more stores are selling Bedouin-construction sets for home backyards.

— Since ancient times, people have been creating products that still have use today. —

Before setting up your Bedouin tent

Installing your own Bedouin tent isn’t difficult. Many stores offer Bedouin tent sets at an affordable price and you can install your own in no time. But how exactly do you get started?

  • First and foremost, look for a comfortable spot in your backyard that’s free of damp areas. Try finding a spot that faces south.
  • Your tent will measure between 2 to 3 meters in length and 3 meters in height. Also keep in mind that the center of the top will peak, but you can also alter it to your preferences or look for a different tent model.
  • Buy fabrics to later close in the structure.
  • Look for sturdy wooden posts for the corners to install the fabric over.
  • Take the time to consider what you plan on using your Bedouin tent for. How you furnish it will depend on its purpose.
Bedouin tent before

Making your tent

Once you have decided on the perfect spot, gather the tools you will need to set up your tent – a ladder and hammer will be your main tools. Check out the steps below:

  • Make sure you can count on someone else to help you set up your tent.
  • The 4 posts mark each corner of the tent. They’ll serve as the main structure while outlining the interior space. They’ll also support the wooden beams for the ceiling structure. Anchor the posts into the ground, you can even use picks to get the job done.
  • Hang the fabric over each side. They’ll seal off the structure, acting as a wall. Make sure to hang them in a way that allows you to pull them back to ensure ventilation in the summer.
  • Fix the ceiling fabric on securely.

Decorating your Bedouin tent

Bedouin tent decor

Give your tent an elegant air by making sure you plan out its function first. Most people use these tents to relax, meditate, read, disconnect, etc.

  • Furnishing: comfortable chairs (wicker chairs look great in these settings), lounge chairs and a coffee table. Poofs or floor cushions are other great options.
  • Other functional resources: don’t forget a magazine rack and a side table to hold drinks, a book, etc.
  • Floor: feel free to use your lawn or patio as your Bedouin floor. Or, wooden, tile or cement doors are also a wonderful idea.
  • Lighting: light is essential for night-use. A central light-bulb is your most straightforward option, but you can create more ambiance by hanging string lights, lanterns or dim lights.

— Make your backyard into a place to receive your guests. —