Set Up a Soccer Field in Your Backyard

January 8, 2020
Backyards offer tons of possibilities. Everyone seems to use theirs as a space to disconnect and relax but, why not for sports?

Want a space at home where you can have a real ball with your kids? Today, we have a great idea for you – set up a soccer field in your backyard. It’s easy and won’t take long to finish.

Most people don’t make the most of their backyards. But they actually offer many possibilities. When the weather’s nice, they can be a great area for outdoor activities. Examples include star-watching, gardening, reading, art, or simply relaxing.

Creating a sports zone can also be a fantastic option. However, it does require a fairly large area.

Why set up a soccer field in your backyard?

soccer field backyard

First, ask yourself if you’re making good use out of my backyard. Backyards are usually nice and wide so are ideal for a sports area.

Setting up a soccer field requires a few square meters but you don’t have to have a field with two goals. Instead, one goal and another small area to play around with a soccer ball will work.

But what can a soccer field offer your home life? It can strengthen family relationships, give your backyard an original and alternative decor and, help you stay healthy right at home.

Making your own sports zone at home will keep you active.

Concrete pitch

soccer field concrete

We’re all familiar with the classic concrete soccer pitches. We see them in schoolyards and they usually have a rectangular goal. But just as we explained above, you don’t have to make a big field. Let’s go over the steps of setting up your soccer field:

  • Analyze the dimensions of your backyard, its conditions and what kind of surface you want to use. Try keeping it away from your porch or exterior walls.
  • Once you’ve decided on where to place it, draw out the dimensions and smooth out the pitch. Make sure you’re not working on a damp surface. If so, consider a different location.
  • Aim for a 15 x 15 meter field.
  • Next, pour the cement onto the surface and smooth it out evenly. Make sure to do this step on a sunny day to allow the product to dry properly.
  • After making sure the concrete is completely dry, paint on the lines of the field and set up the goal. You can find goals on the internet and have them delivered to your door.

Grass field

soccer field grass

Grass fields are a different ballgame. For grass fields, use your original lawn as the soccer field. Because grass fields don’t require the concrete installation, they’re much easier to set up.

  • Look for an ideal spot for your soccer field in your backyard. Select the biggest, clear area that will allow you to move and play freely.
  • Paint on the lines to emulate a professional soccer field.
  • Use any size of goal that you prefer. You can find wide options or children’s goals as well. Try using a white goal for the best visibility.
  • Make sure that there’s nothing fragile behind the goal. In addition, having a fence behind the goal can help stop the ball from rolling away.

If you want to use your backyard for sports and instilling the importance of physical activity in your children, don’t think twice about setting up a soccer field. You’ll always find yourself outside!