Rain Chains are Useful Accessories

Rain chains can be made of copper, wrought iron, brass, plastic, etc. In addition, their designs are varied so there's something for everyone!
Rain Chains are Useful Accessories

Last update: 31 October, 2019

Rain chains are a very common outdoor feature in some countries of South America and in Japan. They’re quite striking because they come in all sorts of shapes and designs. For example, some may have a set of copper containers, while others use wrought iron flowers.

Rain chains are striking home decor accessories and yet, at the same time, they’re highly practical objects. Their main function is to transport excess water from the roof to the ground in a controlled way.

People have used these objects for hundreds of years. Even though most current homes use downspouts these days, rain chains are here to stay because they’re a lovely decorative feature.

Where to place rain chains

A rain chain with a fish.

It really depends on your taste. However, the goal with these is to place them at the point where most rainwater tends to accumulate. For instance, people in South American countries usually locate them in front of their house.

Then, there are people who install their rain chains at the back of their house, in the garden or patio area. And, as for the number of rain chains, you shouldn’t use more than two per house. A single one per corner is enough.

Rain and snow chains have many advantages

In recent years, rain chains became popular in the USA. The twist is we don’t only use them for excess rainwater coming from the roofs but also for snow. These objects have even come to replace traditional water downspouts because of their ecologically efficient and minimalistic look.

1. They don’t take up too much space

A rain chain that goes into a pot.

Rain chains take up little space. Of course, keep in mind that their main purpose is to take water into the ground. If yours ends on your wooden deck, then you must place a large container beneath it to keep the boards from rotting.

In addition, you must religiously empty the container so as not to accumulate water and attract mosquitoes. Especially if they’re a problem where you live.

Even better, you could place the chain above a drain. It doesn’t have to look unattractive because you can cover it with stones to hide it. It’ll, in fact, be a plus to the overall look.

2. Rain chains are a great way to water your plants

Here is another great idea to take advantage of the place where you put your rain chains. Just locate them above your potted plants. This way, the water will go through the chain and eventually reach the pots every time it rains. This kind of water is particularly good for plants.

Obviously, this method is quite sustainable because it saves you the water expenditure of conventional irrigation systems.

3. Outdoor decor

As we said above, rain chains are also great as home decor features. There are some beautiful models with a tile cover designed in the Moroccan style that is just lovely.

There are also rustic models that are made with all sorts of industrial iron chains. These are particularly good in rustic homes or those with a contemporary look.

Installation and design

A beautiful terrace.

It’s important that your installation is done by a qualified person so they can take care of all of the drainage system details. This is so that the rain chain fulfills its purpose while also complementing the style of your home. Particularly, if you have custom gutters in the house.

It’s obviously important to look for a design that’s in perfect harmony with the look of your home. Of course, you should have no problems in this regard as there are many options available out there.

As you can see, rain chains are practical and beautiful objects you should definitely include in your home. Choose the model you like best, install it and listen to the relaxing sound of rainwater cascading from your roof to the ground.

Thanks for reading.